MAYADORO creates luxury dog collars and matching bracelets using natural diamonds, real gemstones and the finest Italian leathers. We celebrate the precious bond and unconditional love between you and your dog with 14k gold charms that can be worn interchangeably on your dog’s collar and harness or your personal bracelet. This exchange of precious materials between you and your dog symbolises the connection you share that’s built on love, loyalty and togetherness. We believe dogs are life’s truest companions, who expect nothing yet give us everything in return. Our diamond collars and complementary bracelets create a bridge between you and your dog whether you are together or miles apart. By using real diamonds and gemstones fused with traditional hand craftsmanship, we respect the lifelong memories that make owning a dog such a privilege.
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  • Exquisite pet jewelry for dogs
      What good boys and girls certainly do not deserve, however, are plastic dog collars that cramp their style when they are on one of their glamorous trips. Fortunately, animal lovers have an ally in Beate Schuerle, who has gone to great lengths to create better sartorial options for pampered pooches. In fact, “better” is a little bit of an understatement. Schuerle’s firm,...
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  • High end dog collar
    Luxury lifestyle brand MAYADORO has launched its bespoke Masterpiece High Jewellery Dog Collar service to create precious and unique accessories for beloved pets using 14k and 18k gold, natural diamonds and precious gemstones.    Each Masterpiece high end dog collar is made-to-order and can be crafted in a range of Italian calfskin leather hues, paired with bespoke combinations of...
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