Therefore, posting as a guest does not mean that you will submit any type of content, as the webmaster will charge a fee for it. Asking for money is a different thing, but one condition is always intact and it is high-quality content on Spanish guest posts.

On many high authority blogs, even if you are willing to pay the money, they will not accept the content if it does not match their standards. So be sure to write from your heart, as your content will also be judged by a different audience.

On top of that, there are several tips and tricks that you should follow to ensure that your guest post will bring the proper benefit to your blog. After all, you are spending a lot of time writing content for another website and also wasting money.

So, here are my 7 beginner guest blogging tips in 2021 that you need to follow to get your guest post accepted and profit too.

1. Post only On Relevant Blogs:

Always find a blog in your similar niche. Otherwise, if you receive a guest post from a multi-niche blog, make sure the topic or article and category are the same as the article for which you will get a backlink. For example, my spanish guest post blog is about blogging and WordPress and if I need a backlink for this article, I will link this only to a similar topic. Otherwise, you will not get the benefit. For more authoritative blogs, if you don't follow their categories, they may also reject submissions from your guest posts.

2. Avoid Using Rich Anchor Text:

In everyday life, we have also rejected many guest posts because they were trying to get a back link with the anchor text of the dofollow keyword. Getting a dofollow link from a high authority blog is too difficult these days and if you request a keyword optimized anchor text your guest post will definitely not be accepted. Better to link to your home page with a branded anchor text to stay safe from all aspects. Personally, I always prefer to get a backlink with a long-tail keyword as an anchor or from a generic anchor text, as it is safe at all points.

3. Link to Other Resources:

Try writing a piece of content and mentioning the relevant pages of the high authority blog to help users get more involved in the topic. For the most part, try to consult Wikipedia articles, as this is a very authoritative website. External links are very good SEO practice, but many novice bloggers don't get it. In this way, you can also mention some of your blogging friends' blogs and help them get a backlink. This way they can also do the same when posting as guests and you will get a backlink.

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4. Writing Epic Content:

Well this is one of the challenges in the blogging niche. You may have noticed that many bloggers are writing articles of 2000+ words these days. If you are trying to blog like this, you must be prepared with such an epic post with detailed analysis. Don't compromise on the quality of the content and try to provide almost everything so that the blog owner can realize the quality of the post. In fact, all the readers of that blog will also notice your hard work, writing skills and you will gain a new audience and that is where your guest blogging efforts will be successful.

5. Don't Forget Interlink:

Whenever preparing a guest post for a blog, be sure to link to all the relevant articles on that website. This will create a good impression in front of the webmaster and increase your chances of getting approval for the publication. Internal linking is always a very good practice, as it increases content engagement. And in this way, you will also reduce the editing efforts of the webmaster.

6. No Affiliate link:

One of the biggest guest blogging mistakes beginners make is that they provide affiliate links to their guest posts. This is a very bad practice and in 100% of the cases your article will not be approved. Remember one thing, you can use affiliate links only on your website. In case of guest posting, if you find a suitable place to mention an affiliate product, then you should mention the affiliate link from that website, not yours. Remember this point very clearly.

7. Share The Guest Post On All Social Platforms.

After your guest post is published, don't sit idle and be happy to get a dofollow link. Now it is your turn to promote the publication in your social circle and whenever possible. Not only that, you need to follow the article and reply to all future comments. This is what most bloggers don't do and just forget about the article. The more authority the guest post gets, the more you get the benefit too. So, help promote that post and make it rank higher. In fact, this will help you get more guest posts as people will understand that you always share guest posts and help them rank higher on Google.