Describe web development.

A website's design, construction, and upkeep are called web development. The attractive website you see in your browser requires much labour to create! Although every website may differ in its features, three essential elements govern all user interactions with websites:

Client or front-end: Consists of HTML, CSS, and Javascript-based new website functionality and layout. The main problem is making sure a website behaves precisely the same across all browsers. FITA Academy provides the best Web Development Course in Chennai. We will guide you till placement.

Server or back-end: 

Contains database management, hosting, site code production, and data storage. The distant computer running "on the other side" that generates site code and manages databases is known as the server.


Database:  Unlike a desktop or connected storage-based database, a web database can be accessed from a network or the internet. Databases are stored on websites and are used for both personal and professional purposes. Because they are software (Software as a service) products, access is given through a web browser—for instance, the database stores a user's login and account information. Web Development Online Course is beneficial for students and working professionals. 

Why Attend Courses in Web Development?

Web developers are becoming increasingly essential as digital literacy increases and more actions occur online. Today, numerous industries are online, including those in the restaurant or retail sectors. For different companies, web developers create interactive websites that allow them to vend their services internationally. There are some reasons you might think about enrolling in web development courses:

Job stability: There are constantly open positions in web development.

Lucrative: Salaries for web development positions are competitive.

Flexibility: Web developers can efficiently work remotely as they only need a computer and internet access.

Entrepreneurship: As a web developer, you can operate for yourself.

  1. Web development is creative and enjoyable, which is essential for creative sorts!

List of the Best Website Development Courses

We are interested in learning how to design websites. Start with a few of these courses on web development. Pay close attention to the online free web development programs with certificates because we list the cost in our "fast facts" section underneath the description of each course.