Okay I've always wanted become an Ancient mage. However I've never been able to afford the Runes to achieve it. Now that OSRS Gold I can cut Yews I have been alching to get my level up so far its 41 and I am contemplating. Is it possible to raise my level to 50 and attempt to finish Desert Treasure. I have 52 prayer. Do you think it is really that difficult and do I have the ability to finish it? Do you think I will be able to complete the quest after I've completed all the requirements? I will be able to complete the quest with a lot of Shark and Tons of Pray Pots?

While I confess that I don't love farming, I would like to increase my productivity by 40or more. Therefore, I have to increase it, ever since I learned about the skill though I have taken seeds because I was aware that one day I would porbably eventually be able to level it. I was wondering what the level these seeds could get me in farming. The level I am at now is...um...

A few questions I have regarding being a member. I'm gonna put these plain and easy, and then go over this everyday, clear simple answers are welcome.

Which is the best dragon dagger? How long does it last? Which quests (10) should I do first? Before I can become a mem What should my f2p abilities be? What is the best training? (60 att. 62 str. 50 def. 40 range, 28 mage. atm) What is the best way to make money? (I already know cannonballs and I plan to keep that) What is the minimum amount I should earn before becoming a mem. (Have 1.4m in atm)

Are Granite worth the investment? Is fletching worthwhile? What is the best way to do herblore? The guide wasn't that useful. What's the best way to construct an house? Is hunter really simple? Is it hard to find? What should i take if I wanted to fight the tree spirit during the Lost City quest? What is the price of the glory ammys cost? Are prices for whips going up Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold or falling?