For Harden to be a part of the 76ers is also a fresh start.Players experienced a lot of  2K23 MT excitement for it prior to the time that Season 5 started, and the Domination mode of MyTEAM in Season 4 was very popular. So, players are more looking forward to seeing a new advancement during Season 5. For players who are fans of MyCAREER, players are more hopeful to have more new story mission experiences.


In addition, the fifth season will include more skill challenges and rewards for players. According to the knowledge of last season's season these rewards are expected to be quite substantial. Not just that, 2K23 has also introduced new locker codes in the game, giving players the possibility of earning free NBA 2K23 MT rewards.

Like the fifth season , which has already begun, Harden has also brought new surprises to fans after joining the 76ers. Harden and Durant were a great team during his time with the Nets before. When Harden was playing, Durant could focus on scoring without worrying about rebound and assists. Rand was also absent due to an injury, which left Harden without a chance of winning the title. However, he was able to join The 76ers.


Harden and Embiid offensively as well as defensively, are invincible. Embiid is the best player in the game as well. With Harden taking the burden off of him, he loves scoring on Buy NBA 2K23 MT the court.