You're reading this article because you need to buy a new fresh air purifier, but you don't know how to choose one. Don't worry! We will give you easy tips that will help you find the best quality fresh air purifier for your home.

1)      Never Compromise On Quality

The best quality fresh air system purifiers have HEPA filters that are easy to maintain and have features like auto-clean, which remove most of the dust. Lower-quality purifiers may satisfy your need for a short time, but they will wear out eventually and be of no use anymore.

2)      Ensure Good Energy Efficiency

You should always check the energy efficiency level of an air purifier through check valve. Energy efficiency is measured in CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). A good quality air purifier with a high CADR ensures that the same amount of air will be cleaned with less electricity.

3)      Choose According To Your Needs

If you are looking for a purifier for your bedroom, then choose one which is quiet and has features like auto-clean and sleep mode. A large room requires a more powerful machine that can provide adequate humidity and better filtration and this could be maintained by exhaust fan 6inch.

If you have pets or smoke more than 100 cigarettes in a day, you need to choose an air purifier with a HEPA-Carbon filter and damper as it reduces odors and harmful gases from tobacco smoke.

4)      Choose According To Your Budget

Many air purifiers cost above Rs.5000, and there are many which less than 3000 are too. It all depends on the features that you need. If you need a good purifier that works in large rooms, then choose a high-quality, powerful machine that comes at a premium price along with duct exhaust fan. If you just want something for your bedroom then choose an air purifier which has the basic features and is under 3000 rupees.

5)      Buy It Online

If you cannot find any store or shop nearby, then buy online. There are many sites that provide good quality air purifiers and small duct fan at reasonable prices. A lot of companies have their own retail stores, but these are more expensive and do not provide cheap quality machines. So before buying a fresh air purifier, search on the Internet for shopping portals that sell good quality machines at reasonable prices with minimum delivery charges.

6)      Go For A Continuous Function

If you need a purifier that works continuously throughout the night, then go for an air purifier with auto-clean, sleep mode, and timer. You can use the timer to run your purifier overnight alternately with 8inch exhaust fan. In this way, you'll save on electricity and get all the benefits that an air purifier can provide. If you are clearing up a medium-sized room of 200-250 cubic feet, then an air purifier without an auto-clean function will be sufficient.

7)      Go For A Model With Good Ratings

Look out for products like purifier, duct fan and adjustable grille with good ratings. Especially in the health and safety category, products with high ratings get special attention from customers, and they have better chances of getting positive reviews. In addition to that, platforms do detailed product reviews before rating them, and users can also upload their own reviews to give a rating to the device.