Are you generating traffic, leads and conversions? If not, you need to include a solid digital marketing plan in your budget, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can run an effective digital marketing campaign with a limited budget. But to optimize marketing spend, you’ll need to focus on campaigns with potentially high returns.

So how much should your digital marketing budget be?

According to Entrepreneur:

• New businesses (less than five years old) can use 12 to 20 percent of their gross revenue on marketing.

• Established companies (with market share and brand equity) can set aside six to 12 percent for marketing.

And for digital marketing services, most companies spend half of their total marketing budget.

Which Digital Marketing Strategies Are Best With A Limited Budget?

These are the five best online marketing tactics to optimize marketing spend.

• SEO content writing

Email marketing

Social media marketing

All these digital marketing strategies share a common trait – each can start as a low cost marketing strategy.

SEO Content Writing

One of the most recommended digital marketing techniques is business blogging. You can increase your site’s visibility on search engines by creating more content.

According to DemandMetric, blogs are responsible for:

• 434 percent more indexed pages

• 97 percent more indexed links

But, what happens when you have more indexed pages and links?

For one thing, the number of people visiting your site increases. HubSpot noticed that companies that blog have 55 percent more visitors.

One company that had incredible success capitalizing on blogging is Ahrefs. In 2015, the company blog averaged 15,000 visitors a month. Three years later, it increased its traffic by 1,136 percent. And it did that by posting two articles per week in two of those years and one article per week in one of those years. As for revenue, it “only” increased earnings by 10 times.

Another example is Sierra Group, a commercial general contracting company. Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur worked on its site, and the results were incredible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is yet another of the many online marketing tactics businesses can use to create opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers. Users spend two hours and 24 minutes on average every day on eight social media and messaging platforms. Depending on your customer segments, it can be on one or more platforms.

Some of the most popular ones are:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram

• LinkedIn

• Pinterest

• TikTok

Considering the cost of social media marketing, the resulting ROI can be significant.

Take Petersen Gaming as an example. The company wanted Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur to help it build awareness and following on social media. It also needed help turning around a negative reputation and enhancing its crowdfunding campaigns.

Email Marketing

If you were to ask which digital marketing services yield the highest ROI, look no further than email marketing. Across all industries, the average open rate is 21.33 percent, and average click rate is 2.62 percent. Now these are impressive stats but what might spark your interest even more is the revenue it can generate for you. According to Litmus, the average ROI of email marketing is 38-to-1. That is an incredible 3,800 percent return or $38 for every dollar spent.

Besides being a low cost marketing strategy, email marketing is a content marketing strategy that provides many benefits.

• Communicate with existing and future customers.

• Build brand awareness by sharing company news, products and services.

• Generate leads and sales.

• Capture customer data through feedback and surveys.

• Enhance brand loyalty by sending personalized content and offering promotions.

One thing worth mentioning is that you must have a list of emails to run an effective digital marketing campaign. Having a few thousand is a good start. But until then, it might be best to start with other digital marketing techniques. The idea is to optimize marketing spend by growing organic traffic first.

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