If you want to grow cup-winning cannabis on a commercial basis, a dry cannabis trimmer is undoubtedly in your future. Dry Scissors For Cannabis Trimming maintains the terpenes and cannabinoids of smokable flowFer and often results in a more visually appealing — and better-tasting — finished product.

However, an automated dry Scissors For Cannabis Trimming is not the same as a wet trimmer. If you've only used wet trimmers in the past, using a dry trimmer can be challenging. Fortunately, dry trimming is straightforward if you know one simple trick (hint: it's moisture content).

Continue reading if you recently purchased a dry Scissors For Cannabis Trimming. And if you're having trouble getting the results you want with your current dry trimmer, you'll want to know...


Trim dry cannabis or hemp flower with dry Scissors For Cannabis Trimming. When the input material has the correct moisture content — approximately 9-10% — you'll receive well-manicured buds without having to clean or maintain them frequently. However, problems arise when operators misinterpret the term "dry."

If you're not careful, the conventional methods of determining dryness can lead you wrong. That is why you should utilise a low-cost moisture metre. Much more than a damaged stem can be revealed by a moisture metre.

It's too wet for a dry trimmer if it's too moist to crumble and smoke.

Even if the broken-stem technique indicates that hemp flower and smokable cannabis flowers are ready to trim and cure, they will frequently remain moist in the core while seeming dried on the exterior. A quick check with a moisture metre addresses the problem and stops mould from growing. And if it reads 9-10%, you're fine.


When loaded with wet or not-dry-enough material, dry trimmers have problems. Your machine will have difficulty providing a close trim. And you'll have to clean it more sooner than you think since the sticky wet material will accumulate on the cutting surface.

The solution to a dry trimmer that isn't working is in your drying room (and/or the period of time your product dried before trim day). To get the 9-10% level, your harvest must dry for two weeks at the proper temperature and humidity levels. For optimal results, aim for 40% humidity at 60°F. If it's too hot to keep the temperature at 60°F, increase the humidity to reduce the drying process. If the temperature rises into the 70s, levels as high as 60% are appropriate.

When it comes to drying cannabis and hemp flower, slower is always better. If you can extend your drying period to three weeks, that's preferable to two. Check for a 1% moisture drop per day with your moisture metre. However, expect moisture loss of 2-3% every day in the first two days following harvest.


Expect a learning curve if you're new to dry trimmers. Your first run will not be your best, but if you follow these tips, you'll be producing prize-quality product in no time.

A heavy harvest is not the time to fully apply new technology. This approach of testing new technology is used everywhere, whether it's LED lighting or a new irrigation system. Start with little jobs for your dry Cannabis Harvest Scissors instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

In addition, don't start your learning curve with your best information. Material destined for extraction is a better guinea pig than your best blooms. Begin with the less appealing sections of your harvest and work your way up to the finer blossoms – literally. Trim your bottom and middle buds first.

Pay Particular Attention to LTD Trimming Dry machines are meant to run on their own. Your operator will not require much involvement and will be able to focus on other duties while the machine is running. But first, you'll want to pay attention to your machine to ensure you're receiving decent results and have the correct run time set.

Time is the most important variable for LTD Trimming batch dry trimmers, and it varies by strain. The blossom structure of each strain varies slightly. Begin with a lower run time (approximately three minutes) and gradually increase to the appropriate trim. The majority of runs will last between three and seven minutes.

Again, and we can't stress this enough, dry your crop well before commencing the cutting procedure. Obtain a moisture metre and aim for 9-10% readings.


In some ways, dry Cannabis Harvest Scissors hemp flower and smokable cannabis flower is similar to wet trimming. Both techniques remove the fan leaves as well as the majority of the sugar leaves, ideally without harming the calyxes or oil-rich trichomes.

However, many gardeners believe that dry pruning is ideal since it maintains secondary metabolites (cannabinoids, terpenes). This is due to the fact that buds dry more slowly when still attached to the plant. Wet pruning separates the buds from the plant instantly and allows them to dry faster.

  • The Dry Trim Method

  • Remove the plants.

  • To dry, hang the plants upside down.

  • Monitor the drying process for 10 to 21 days, or until the moisture level reaches 10%.

  • Separate the buds from the stems.

  • Trim the buds by hand or using a trimmer.

The Wet Trim Method

Remove the plants and immediately buck the buds from the stalk.

Trim the buds by hand or using a Cannabis Harvest Scissors (immediately).

For 10 to 21 days, spread the loose buds on a drying screen.

Wet Cannabis Harvest Scissors is ideal for high-volume production. For some growers, it's the only option. However, pruning wet can result in two drawbacks in the final product: flat patches on the buds from sitting on the drying rack, and a little decreased terpene/cannabinoid concentration.


There are many devices on the market that claim to trim wet and dry, but doing both well is nearly impossible. That is why our equipment are specifically designed for dry or wet trimming.

Trimming by LTD The dry cannabis trimmer is specifically designed to reduce friction while preserving trichomes. The polymer shear band of the trimmer decreases heat generated by metal-on-metal friction, resulting in the closest, cleanest cut possible.