The most well-known instance that has been uncovered of cheating online games is MissQGemini CS.GO wallhacks that stream live. This incident has been branded as the most popular cheating example, which was made famous by her assertion that it was due to "Clara," who was an unidentified friend.

The practice of cheating in games that involve multiplayer is always an issue as long as cheaters try to make money from disreputable players' desire to hammer against their opponents using aimbots, wallhacks, or other ways of gaining the illusion of unfair advantages.

Although developers may take measures to prevent cheating and even ban players who are found to cheat, it's nearly impossible to eliminate completely. But, the most daring of cheaters may even stream their game via live streaming, allowing them to be caught red-handed.

The main character in the exact situation could be MissQGemini, real name Haley Germaine an online streamer who was clearly hacking while playing competitive CSGO on Twitch and created the well-known 'Clara' meme.

What does ‘Clara’ mean?

In June 2012, MissQGemini was streaming a CS: GO tournament on Inferno. At the start of the match, she launches her hacking tool and allows the cheating profile she had created activating wallhacks.

While playing, she didn't realize that her viewers were able to clearly see the cheating in her stream; the cheats came to her attention as the chat displayed it, and she immediately panicked. Initially, she was referring to the glitch, which "shows all the players' ranks."

It is from here that "Clara" was born. We're not sure what the real story is. Clara is actually an actual real person; however, according to MissQGemini, her friend played on her computer and downloaded cheats. "This is the result of letting users use your computer. You shouldn't put your trust in them."

In the last few years, Clara has now become an internet meme in gamer circles. If an individual accuses another of cheating or is seen to be cheating, they will be told that Clara is the one to blame.

Naturally, Clara may not actually be a real person.

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What is the fate of MissQGemini?

It's not surprising that MissQGemini's account on CS: GO was banned from VAC because of cheating. There is also a report that she was removed by Twitch, but for only 24 hours before changing the name of her account to "TheDjinnn."

Following the scandal broke, MissQGemini is now effectively off streaming completely and has virtually no presence online.

There is her own YouTube channel, dubbed "Shawty," however, she only posted a handful of videos in which she plays Rainbow Six Siege and has less than 100 subscribers at the time of the writing. The last time she uploaded was in the year 2019.

Legacy of Clara and the shady behavior of Clara

It's not the only case that streamers have accidentally exposed their cheating ways. In the wake of the increasing prevalence of hacking scandals in Warzone, for instance, a lot of streamers have been implicated and verified for hacking, usually through their own broadcasts that expose their cheating.

In the month of March 2022 in 2022, a Warzone streamer intentionally created a monitor cam to dispel the cheating allegations but just to be able to clearly display wallhacks during usage. Maybe Clara was playing her tricks once more.

Thousands of streamers have responded to the notorious Clara clips, as well as problems with the most scandalous cheating incidents recorded on the stream.

Twitch has a number of severe sanctions in the case of streamers who cheat in multiplayer games, usually leading to a ban for life, even for the first time.

Other types of cheating, like stream sniping, are banned but are usually dealt with with greater leniency than wallhacks and aim bots.

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