As people have returned to work after the coronavirus pandemic, they need to have peace of mind to return to their pre-pandemic productivity levels. In former hot spots like New York City, NYC office cleaning companies have stepped up to assure concerned employees that their offices are properly cleaned and disinfected in areas where it counts. Clean offices have helped boost or restore morale in places where people initially were uncomfortable about returning to their desks. Everyone agrees that ultimately life and business need to be restored to more normal conditions, and cleaning can help.


One of the most significant changes, post-pandemic, is the use of sanitizing and disinfecting products more generally around the office – previously, they were used more in restrooms and lunchrooms. It requires trained office cleaners to apply them properly for the maximum benefit. At companies with environmental goals, eco-0cleaning products are used in place of traditional ones with harsher ingredients. Shared spaces like entryways, elevators in buildings that have them, reception desks, and the like are prime spots for daily disinfection. When they are cleaned well, everyone notices.


When you bring up dusting, images of cleaning knickknacks and bookshelves at home come to mind, but it's also a consideration in office cleaning. Each year, the number of allergy sufferers increases. People with asthma are also irritated by dust (and dust mites)—the best janitorial services handling office cleaning know and respond with dust eradication procedures. Microfiber cloths treated with dust-attracting products work well on surfaces, and vacuum cleaning is effective on carpets. Higher filtration dust bags and filters also make a difference. When they're up to HEPA standards, they work optimally.


If your company is image-driven or in a competitive industry and often has client visits, making an excellent impression is of paramount importance. It's why outsourcing to an expert janitorial service with expertise in all types of office cleaning makes so much sense. You may want to have some in-house on-site during the working hours for touch-ups. But a significant portion of the work needs to be handled by well-trained and adequately equipped professional office cleaners. Their expertise will show through in the results, and they have a better chance of doing it within your budget than employees.