No matter what style of wedding you choose for your celebration.

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The boho style was created as a counterbalance to classic, glamorous and pretentious. It is distinguished by the aesthetics of lightness, eccentricity, a touch of bohemianism, and spontaneity. Here you will find colorful details that attract attention, unusual, bold images, and the use of ethnic and vintage elements.

The boho bride's outfit is, first of all, light and comfortable. As opposed to the bulky classic wedding dress, the brides in the boho style give preference to loose, relaxed, not constraining clothes with a straight cut of light and flowing fabric (chiffon, lace, linen, silk). Adding non-standard, eye-catching elements such as knitting or colorful handmade jewelry and bright accessories (floral wreaths, stoles) is welcomed. Brides often opt for flat-soled shoes - ballerinas, sandals, boots.

The suit for the groom also gives preference to natural fabrics; many give up the jacket and choose a lightweight vest (often different in color from the pants).


Decorating a wedding in the boho style implies the "right" choice of location. Hardly a bride and groom in eccentric and direct clothing, reminiscent of the hippie style, will look harmonious in a luxurious banquet hall. Therefore, for this kind of event, often choose an open area in the countryside, such as a restaurant, buried in the flowers and greenery. The decor of the wedding area is a flight of fancy, a combination of contradictions: in boho-style, there is no clear color scheme, so the brighter and more interesting elements of the decor, the better. Here you'll find colorful rugs, plaids with bright ethnic ornaments, pillows of all colors of the rainbow, and a lot of greenery combined with wood.


In floristics, preference is given to asymmetric forms of bouquets; the choice of flowers is also a combination of contradictions: greenery, wildflowers of delicate shades, and bright accents of garish, exotic flowers.




The modern and very trendy loft style is characterized by an abundance of open space and, secondly, the presence in the decor of urban industrial elements, such as brick walls without trim, loose pipes, high ceilings, cement floors, and so on. It combines contrasting details: stone and glass, steel and wood, calm, neutral, monochrome shades with dark, bright, and saturated industrial elements with delicate floral arrangements. A wedding in this style is perfect for those who want to stand out and make their celebration unlike anyone else's.

The image of the bride and groom in such a wedding usually features certain bohemianism and lightness: here will not suit the puffed crinoline dresses with a corset. For the bride, a simple, laconic straight silhouette dress would be ideal, not necessarily light. The groom's outfit can be complemented, for example, by a bright velvet jacket.



Decorating a wedding in the loft style requires a single, similar design in all elements of the decor. The general requirements for decoration will be muted colors, brevity, minimalism, and simplicity. These features should be traced in invitations, guests' seating, and the loft and buffet zone design. Another distinguishing feature of a wedding in the industrial style is an abundance of lighting fixtures (garlands, chandeliers, floor lamps, candles) and floral arrangements, diluting and revitalizing the urban interior with a touch of carelessness and minimalism.