The Cricut machine cuts the designs with great speed and quality without using scissors and an x-acto. And this is possible due to the subscription and uploading the document or design you want for the project. It also gives the work a smooth effect. And the project also lasts for more time, and it doesn’t even peel off, no flaking, no cracking, and no wrinkling.

The or a Cricut machine is an electronic machine used to cut various materials like paper, iron-on transfers, and vinyl. The Cricut machine is also known as the die-cutting Machine, and it can also cut wood and leather. maker Machine for the first time?

Following is the standard process to set up the Cricut maker machine for the first time and take the first project using the Machine;

·         First of all, plug in the power cable of the Cricut maker machine in the Machine and the power switchboard.

·         Then take a USB cord and connect one end to the Cricut setup machine and another end to the PC’s Device.

·         Now open the browser of your Device.

·         In the search tab of the browser, type the link

·         And then search for the link.

·         Now the Cricut design space page will open.

·         Then on the page, you will see the Get Started option.

·         Click on it.

·         The next page will tell you to connect the Machine with the computer.

·         So follow all the directions shown on that page.

·         Now turn on the Machine by turning on the switchboard.

·         After the successful connection, click on the Continue option.

·         Then the update your firmware page will appear.

·         Every time you will get an update on your Device.

·         Now click on the Select Cricut device option.

·         There will be two options from those options; click on the Maker option using USB.

·         Select that and then click on the Update Firmware option below.

·         After downloading the update, reboot the Machine.

·         Then the update is successful.

·         Now click on the Continue option.

·         Then you will get some gifts.

·         There click on the Accept gifts option in the corner below.

·         You will get the library of images with new varieties on the bonus page.

·         There click on the Continue option.

If you have purchased the Cricut machine and cannot set it up, you are at the right place. Here is going to help you set up your Cricut maker machine. The Cricut machine is designed to cut paper, vinyl, and many more materials into various designs. The machine is quite useful for architecture as well as for project work. Today, you will learn the setup process, i.e., Creating the Cricut Id, downloading and installing the Cricut machine, and setting up the machine physically. So let’s start it.

Set up the material into the maker machine?

Follow the process below;

·         The material setup page will open where you have to select the Machine.

·         The project is of Medium cardstock material, so choose the Medium cardstock option.

·         After that, it will tell you to load the Pen.

·         Open clamp A and hold it up and enter the Pen with the Pen’s point down.

·         Now push the Pen, close the clamp, and click on the Continue option.

·         Then load the fine point blade, which is already inside the Machine.

·         But if the rotary cutter is already inside, you have to change it.

·         To remove the edge and reverse it up to down and close the clamp.

·         It requires more power to close the clamp.

·         And then click on the Continue option.

·         Now place the white card on the top alignment.

·         You will get the card stock with the  machine.

·         Now stick the card stock and roll it into the machine roller.

·         After that, click on the Go option on the Machine.

·         The paper will start processing that is drawing the image on the card stock paper.

·         After completing the 200 percent, the cutting process will also begin.

·         If you want a smooth cutting, then make sure to select the blade of the correct Size and shape.