Singapore’s electric-vehicle market is poised for growth. The transport sector accounts for about 17 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce carbon emissions and achieve the national target of green initiatives, Singapore has introduced ambitious goals for electric vehicles. Building an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in emerging Singapore is imperative for the country to accelerate consumer uptake and achieve its climate goals.

Recently, the Transport Authority (LTA) announced that it will work with industry stakeholders to build the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem and create a forward-looking land transport sector. Read on to know what are the new EV initiatives LTA has launched in Singapore. 

1. LTA said it will approve two electric motorcycle and battery swapping regulatory sandbox applications by Gogoro and MO Batteries respectively. Gogoro will partner with Jardine Cycle & Carriage (JC&C) to conduct trials using their electric motorcycles and battery swap stations for last-mile deliveries. On the other hand, MO Batteries will work with SingPost and Prosegur to conduct pilots using their electric motorcycles.

2. LTA has launched the Land Transport Jobs and Workforce Study (LTJWS) which will focus on creating a pipeline of skilled workers equipped to work on the safety and maintenance of electric vehicles.

3. LTA launched the new launched the National Electric Vehicle Specialist Safety (NESS) certification in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). This certification will pave the way for automotive technicians to subsequently receive further specialised training in electric vehicles. 

4. LTA is partnering with WSG to launch a new Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Sustainability Professionals (EV Specialists) to up skill the workforce in EV maintenance roles.

5. LTA’s Land Transport Innovation Portal will spur co-creation and innovation with the industry. 

Not just LTA, transport operators like SMRT Corporation is working hard to achieve the 2030 Singapore Green Plan. The operator’s 190 technicians have been selected to complete a Level 1 learning programme by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), where they will enhance their knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicles.

SMRT’s green efforts are well underway, with more to come. With LTA’s support, SMRT increased its fleet of electric buses to 17, along with the addition of 11 Linkker buses in August 2021.

In line with an increasing national focus on sustainability, Strides Taxi aims to reduce its carbon footprint by about 15,000 tonnes a year, by having a fully electric taxi fleet by 2026. With the growth of electric mobility, Strides Automotive Services has started to maintain electric vehicles (EVs), including electric buses and MG5 electric taxis. 

Seah Moon Ming, SMRT Chairman, said: “Our Strides Mobility team also partnered with DST, China’s biggest digital platform for commercial electric vehicles, to launch EVCo – a joint-venture company to market, distribute, lease, and operate commercial electric vehicles (CEVs) in Singapore.”

Seah Moon Ming further added: “Through EVCo, we are well positioned to support companies on their decarbonisation journeys.


EV is a front-runner for government action. The Singaporean government is accelerating EV adoption and investments through innovative partnerships. Technology giants and transport operators will play an increasingly large role in this EV ecosystem. By leveraging expertise of industry stakeholders, LTA will be able to grow the EV ecosystem and build a forward-looking land transport sector in the next few years.

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Sheo-un Lee

Sheo-un is a senior transportation planning manager at a Germany-based company. He is responsible for establishing standards of the overall operation, productivity, efficiency, quality, and safety of train technologies. He shares his reviews and insights on public transportation and sustainability indifferent countries through his articles. He enjoys painting in his free time.