When it comes to vaporizing, there are numerous factors to consider before making a decision. Discretion is one of those decisions. Even though there is still some stigma associated with vaping, one thing a user can control is how discreet they are with their devices. Dry herb portable vaporizers are quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods, and for good reason. A portable vaporizer can help you save money, conserve your flower, and is one of the safest ways to use cannabis. IQOS

However, with so many different types of dry herb vaporizers and price points to choose from, trying to find the best portable vaporizer in 2022 can be overwhelming.

  1. Pax 3

The Pax 3 from PAX Labs is ranked first on our list. Almost everyone, from inexperienced to experienced users, has heard of the PAX device. They’re well-known for their Apple-like, futuristic, sleek design that delivers on the vapor front. This is the third iteration of this unit, and it is Pax’s smallest. It fits comfortably in all pant pockets, front to back, including the super small pockets above the main front ones. All you have to do to operate this device is press down on the mouthpiece, and it will instantly light up and begin the heating process. Dr Vapes

  1. Mighty+

Despite the fact that its predecessor has been available for nearly 4 years, the updated Mighty+ raises the bar with breathtaking new features. The Mighty+ is back with the same amazing quality flavor that now reaches temperature in only 60 seconds for a quick vaping experience, without compromising on size or design. This updated unit employs the same patented technology that combines conduction and convection heating to cool the vapor during delivery, as evidenced by its success.

  1. IQC Davinci

Anyone who has used a DaVinci vaporizer, whether the micro or the IQ2, is well aware that DaVinci pays close attention to design detail without sacrificing functionality. I’d compare the DaVinci to the PAX in terms of design, as they both have sleek designs that resemble Apple. It looks great when they show it off, feels great in their hands, and passes our pocket and bag test. You can tell where they get their inspiration, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. JUUL

  1. Induction Heater + DynaVap VapCap M

We believe that the DynaVap VapCap M, when combined with an induction heater, provides one of the best vaporizing experiences available right now. DynaVap now has induction heaters with built-in batteries, such as the Apollo Rover 2, which are game changers. While they are significantly more expensive than the VapCap M, we believe they are worthwhile. One of the main reasons we believe an induction heater makes a significant difference over a jet lighter is consistency. It’s simple: simply insert your VapCap into the heater and wait until you hear a click before vaping your dry herb.

Portable vaporizers are one of the reasons that vaporizing in general is gaining popularity. Based on technological advancements, companies have begun to focus on making vaporizers more portable and compact. With the introduction of 3rd generation vaporizers, portable devices, also known as 2nd generation vaporizers, have evolved to become even more convenient.