A good lighting scheme can make or break your home design.

Using linear lights in your space is one way to ensure the X-factor. These luminaires are so versatile that they have even been used to highlight the Whanganui City Bridge’s stunning architecture, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of strip lights.

It may not be the actual light source that gets the most attention, but linear lighting adds drama and flair to your lighting scheme.

What is linear lighting?

If you’re new to lighting and home renovations, you may wonder what linear lighting is and why it’s become the next trend in interior design.

Linear lighting usually comes in the form of “strips” of LED lights. As the name suggests, it is a line of light. The linear lighting design allows you to make your home or business stand out with a continuous lighting line.

This means more flexibility in lighting concepts. Linear lighting is great for accent lighting, lighting long bookshelves, and lighting shelves and cabinets full of exotic art. It can also create dramatic lighting and illuminate specific hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of linear lighting.

  • Task lighting

Task or task lighting is one of the more practical advantages of linear LED lighting.

For example, linear pendant lights are a great addition to your kitchen to illuminate areas where you cut and prepare food. In this case, the nice thing about linear lighting is that it provides a more diffuse light over a larger area, unlike a spotlight.

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Of course, there are many places other than the kitchen where linear lights can be used. Washrooms, work areas, vanities, reading nooks, and many other home areas can benefit from linear lighting.

  • Shelf area 

Is it better to use linear strip lights than to illuminate shelves of any kind?

The truth is that the judicious use of linear LED lights around bookshelves and other shelves can add depth and a dramatic touch to your home. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do. For example, hidden bands of light on shelves help books and curios “pop” out of the background.

Recessed lighting is one way linear LED lighting can enhance a home lighting system.

  • Light layers

If your one-sided understanding of lighting still plagues you, you need to broaden your horizons.

Modern lighting aesthetics require the use of multiple juxtaposed layers of light to create a truly dramatic effect. Integrating linear lighting in this way allows us to take full advantage of the versatility of this form of lighting.

You can do this is to accenting your kitchen with a low, linear light strip mounted along the protruding underside of your kitchen island counter. Completing the design with an attractive pendant light will create a kitchen lighting scheme that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

·        Overhead lighting

One of the main advantages of linear lighting is the increased flexibility in designing and using ceiling lighting.

A great alternative to bulky chandeliers, a linear ceiling light to add to your home lighting plan. They emit a more diffuse ambient light without the intense glare of headlights and other traditional light sources.

·        Wash lights        

Another advantage of linear lighting is that you can be creative with your designs and ideas.

Wash lighting is a type of lighting that creates a “wash” of light across space. You can use these linear lights throughout your home space to create wash lights.

One way he does this is by incorporating linear light strips into floor or ceiling coves to deliver a soft, soothing flood of light across the floor or ceiling.

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·        Mood setting

With all the advancements in smart technology and various circuits, linear LED lights can work very well with scene and mood lighting.

This is a great way to change the lighting scheme in the same room throughout the day. Or you can change the lighting pattern according to your purposes, such as a dinner party or a morning gathering.

Such mood settings can also be controlled remotely via smart devices or programmed to operate automatically.

·        Functional lighting     

Linear lighting is an excellent way to highlight certain features in your home.

This is a way to add interest and a touch of ambiance to your living space. The variety of shapes and types of linear lighting make these strips ideal for functional lighting.

Hallways, living areas, stairwells – these are all places that could benefit from a little more color and mood lighting. Don’t be shy, let your imagination run wild, and explore all the creativity Linear Light offers.

Finally, it should be noted that linear LED lighting has the added benefit of being easy to install and requiring little maintenance.

Linear LED lights last much longer than fluorescent bulbs, sometimes up to 13 years, so you spend less time getting new or replacing lamps. It also helps save energy costs in the long run. It’s the perfect combination of lighting versatility and energy efficiency.

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