There is no one size that works for everyone when it comes to air compressors; they come in a range of sizes. The weight of the equipment being compressed, the amount of air required each minute, and the surrounding temperature must all be taken into consideration in order to determine the proper size. You can make sure you buy the right air compressor for your needs by following these easy steps.

What is a nonwoven equipment?

Industrial gear known as nonwoven equipment or nonwoven machine is used to treat materials like paper, textiles, plastic films, and other things of a like nature. Nonwoven describes a unique material structure where the fibers are not bonded together.

Usually, air compressors are employed to blow air onto the nonwoven fabric in order to produce the required texture and shape by causing folds, creases, or wrinkles. The size of the machine and the type of fabric it processes are two elements that affect how big an air compressor should be for nonwoven equipment.

However, in general, handling nonwoven fabrics requires compressors with rated outputs of at least 2 HP.

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Types of air compressors suitable for nonwoven equipment

An air compressor with the sufficient horsepower must be used in order to run non woven machinery like a screen printing press. The type of nonwoven equipment being used will determine the size of the compressor that is needed. Compressors are classified according to their horsepower rating. The many types of air compressors and their horsepower ratings are listed below:


1/2 HP Use this horsepower compressor on small nonwoven machinery like screen printing presses.

2 HP - This compressor is appropriate for medium-sized nonwoven machinery like printing and dyeing presses.

3 HP compressor is appropriate for large non woven fabric machine like carpet pressing and hot stamping.

4 HP - This compressor is suitable for very large-sized nonwoven equipment, such as banner printing and machinery embroidery.

How large an air compressor should be for a nonwoven equipment?

The size of the compressor and the kind of nonwoven should be taken into account when buying one for nonwoven equipment. Here are some recommendations to assist you in selecting the best compressor for your requirements:


If you have a little air compressor, it can be sufficient for your purposes.

If you have a bigger air compressor: If you process a lot of nonwovens, a bigger compressor might be required.

If you are unsure about the nonwovens you are processing, it is advised that you speak with a specialist who can help you identify the appropriate compressor size.


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Size absolutely counts when picking the best air compressor for your non woven making machine. For sporadic use, a small compressor might be adequate, but for high-volume manufacturing, a larger one is required. Remember to take the compressor's power into account as well as its capacity to support the weight of your nonwoven equipment in addition to its size.