Sandbox Clone Script

Sandbox clone script is an online gaming solution that will be pre-built with all the necessary features to create a fully-functional Metaverse game platform. So, if you want to run a profitable 3D Metaverse & NFT game business, utilize a dependable Sandbox clone script with unparalleled performance. Sandbox clone script is a ready-made script that allows you to launch a 3D Metaverse NFT Marketplace with LAND, NFT Marketplace, Native Token, and all other Sandbox-like gaming features.

Perks of Choosing Our Sandbox Clone Script Solution

Being a seasoned Metaverse development company, we always emphasize the requirements of the user. Hivelance provides numerous benefits for your Metaverse game marketplace, such as Sandbox.

Optimized and Effective Code

An effective clone script with clear and intelligible code was built by our professional developers. As a result, anytime you want to make changes in the future, it will be simple.

Confidentiality of the Project

We value your Sandbox clone script idea and will sign an NDA for your project. This will protect your idea and avoid any misconceptions or difficulties in the future.

100% Customizable

Sandbox clone scripts developed by our expert developers can be tailored to your specific needs. Additional features can be included in the clone script to build a feature-rich Metaverse-based 3D NFT Marketplace like Sandbox.

Generating Revenue

Our state-of-the-art Sandbox Clone Script enables enormous revenue-generating in a very secure manner. Our Sandbox Clone Script generates numerous revenue streams by serving as the hub for top-tier LAND, NFT Marketplace, Native Token, and all other gaming attributes.

Ultimate Security

Our Sandbox clone script, which is built on blockchain technology, provides multi-layer security, making it robust and increasing player loyalty. We offer a tremendously powerful script that is a complete replica of the Sandbox.

Incredible API Integrations

High-End APIs may be seamlessly integrated with our Sandbox Clone script. These APIs enhance the sandbox clone script's interoperability feature and make it scalable and cross-platform-compatible.

Round-the-Clock Assistance

If you have any questions, our professionals are available 365/24/7. Contact them using any communication medium and let them know what you need.

Ready To Launch Solutions

The Metaverse NFT Gaming Marketplace like Sandbox solutions built by us can be easily launched within 10-15 days based on your needs. Henceforth, you can start your gaming platform in the shortest period.

Advance Tech Stacks

We ensure that the sandbox clone app built by our developers is as per the latest tech trends so that your Metaverse 3D gaming platform is compatible with the other marketplaces available in the market.

We Proffer You With Next-Gen Sandbox Clone Script Features

You will receive the required solutions and an admin panel with a fair amount of key features when you use our Sandbox clone script. Take a look at the features below.

  • Sand
  • Land
  • Play
  • Various Digital Assets
  • High-end NFT Marketplace
  • Game Maker Funds
  • VoxEdit
  • Voting Rights

An out-of-the-box user-friendly Sandbox clone features for your Players

Our Sandbox-like clone script will let your users flawlessly create and customize their games and digital assets. We cater to you with a feature-packed Sandbox clone script.

  • Interoperability
  • Transparency
  • Liquidity
  • Storage that works Compliance Across Chains
  • Standardization
  • Merging AR/VR
  • Assistance with technology 
  • Automatic updates
  • Listings that are generated automatically

How you can Create your Metaverse 3D Gaming Platform With the Sandbox Clone?

A premade Sandbox clone script with all necessary features and cutting-edge technology can be used to create a 3D Metaverse NFT game platform. As a result, you may easily enter the gaming business and stay ahead of the heated competition. So, get the best Sandbox clone script to help you to achieve your play-to-earn virtual world business dreams

Future of Metaverse 3D NFT Gaming Industry

It is of no surprise that Sandbox is the future of the Metaverse gaming industry. But, you must understand that users will no longer get attracted to a 3D metaverse gaming platform with only basic features. So, in order to fulfill the requirements of users on a 3D virtual gaming platform in the future, the Sandbox clone that supports the inclusion of cutting-edge technologies must be used. Only then you can grab the attention of players in your 3D virtual world.

Why Should You Utilize the Sandbox Clone?

The growth of Metaverse gaming platforms is tremendous these days with the great increase in the use of these platforms by players across the world for creating their preferred gaming items with advanced tools. There will be an upsurge in the demand for the Metaverse gaming platforms in upcoming years too. Seeing the drastic growth of this blockchain gaming sector, many entrepreneurs show great interest in kick-starting their metaverse gaming businesses like Sandbox.

Our remarkable Sandbox clone script is put through strict testing steps and thereby shows the best performance across platforms. So, boosting the reliability of your Metaverse gaming platform will never be a tough job with our Sandbox clone

Also, our Sandbox clone is scalable and so can be readily customized to fit Metaverse gaming business models. Therefore, giving game life to virual gaming marketplace concepts will be as easy as pie with our Sandbox clone. Why are you waiting still? Make the best use of our phenomenal Sandbox clone script and reach entrepreneurial goals in your virtual 3D gaming business venture.

Popular Blockchain Technologies Used To Build Sandbox Clone

Our Sandbox clone script supports 3D Metaverse-based NFT game development on various blockchain networks

  • Ethereum-based Sandbox clone 
  • Tron-based Sandbox clone 
  • Solana-based Sandbox clone 
  • Polygon-based Sandbox clone 
  • Binance Smart Chain-based Sandbox clone 
  • Cardano-based Sandbox clone 
  • Avalanche-based Sandbox clone 
  • And more

Why Choose Hivelance for Sandbox Clone Development?

With years of experience in delivering top-notch Metaverse NFT game development services, our team of experts has crafted a reliable Sandbox clone script with astounding inclusions to build a P2E-based Metaverse NFT gaming marketplace on various blockchain platforms without any hassles

Do you want to customize your Metaverse-based NFT gaming platform based on your varying blockchain business needs? It is completely possible with our ready-to-use and customizable Sandbox clone script. This Metaverse NFT game clone script is also put through several tough testing steps to show unparalleled performance

Therefore, make the best use of our Sandbox clone script and succeed in building an outstanding Sandbox-like Metaverse 3D NFT gaming platform right away within your budget. 


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