Fireworks are a big part of many celebrations and events. They provide a beautiful display to celebrate special occasions, and can be enjoyed by everyone. However, before you buy fireworks, it's important to know what kind of fireworks professionals use. In this article, we'll explain the different kinds of professional fireworks, and what you should avoid if you want them to be safe.

The Types of Fireworks

Fireworks are an amazing way to celebrate life and mark special occasions. While there are many types of fireworks available, professional fireworks displays use a few specific types. This article will outline the different types of fireworks and their uses.

1. Roman Candles – Roman candles are one of the most popular types of fireworks. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are typically used in large displays. Roman candles are usually set off in clusters, and their bright colors create a beautiful show. Roman candles such as HAPPY BOOM DUSH 15 (ROMAN CANDLE) and HAPPY BOOM 8 SHOOTS ROMAN CANDLE(NEW) are perfect for celebrating a special event or simply making an impactful statement.

2. Firecrackers – Firecrackers are perhaps the most recognizable type of fireworks. They come in many varieties, but all firecrackers consist of a powder charge and an explosive device. When the powder is lit, it causes the explosive device to go off, making a loud noise and showering the user with sparks. Firecrackers can be used for fun or to create a dramatic effect during a display.

3. Sparklers – Sparklers are another classic type of fireworks. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the basic idea is the same: they produce

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How to Make Fireworks?

Fireworks are a big part of celebrations, but what kind do professionals use? Here's a guide to help you create the perfect display!



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How to Store Fireworks?

If you're planning to have a spectacular show outdoors, you'll need to get professional-grade fireworks. These are the kind that leave a lasting impression and can be seen for miles. However, if you're just going to use them at your house, there are some things you need to know about storing fireworks.

The first thing to remember is that fireworks should always be stored in a cool, dry place. If they're not kept this way, they can become damaged and even unsafe to use. They should also never be stored near flammable materials, like paper or plastics.

If you plan on using fireworks during the month of July, make sure to follow these storage tips:

-Store them in an airtight container that is at least 3 feet long by 1 foot wide by 2 feet high.
-Put the container in a cool, dark location.
-Make sure the lid is securely closed so no air can enter or escape.
-Do not store them near any open flames or sparks.

Even though these guidelines may seem complicated at first, they'll make sure your display is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

When is the Right Time to Use Fireworks?

Fireworks are one of the most popular and loved events during the Fourth of July celebration. They are also one of the most dangerous. When is the right time to use fireworks? Professional fireworks shows use specific time and location guidelines to ensure safety.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets guidelines for when and where fireworks can be used. The NFPA has two sets of guidelines, General Use Guidelines for Fireworks and Display Guidelines for Special Events.

The General Use Guidelines for Fireworks state that fireworks should not be used unless they are part of a professional display. A professional display must meet several requirements, including using licensed pyrotechnicians and having a permit from the municipality in which the show is taking place. The NFPA also states that professional displays must be staged so that spectators are at least 500 feet from the display.

The Display Guidelines for Special Events state that fireworks can be used during any event that is not a professional display, as long as certain safety precautions are followed. The NFPA states that special events must have a permit from the municipality in which the event is taking place and must limit the number of people who attend the event.