Powder Coating gained popularity when it was first introduced to the market. It is a great alternative to wet paint. If you are looking for a premium finish on any object, from basic home appliances to car parts, powder coating has a wide range of uses.

 Are you looking to get an object powder coating in New Jersey? Look no more. We, Rusty Lions, are powder coating NJ experts. Our experts aim to provide you with the best finishing that you want. Regardless of the size or quantity of the project, we can deliver it all.

 Why choose us?

      Certified and Experienced Professionals

At Rusty Lions, each and every individual has been trained to carry out the task perfectly and deliver the best possible results. With our experienced professionals, the margin of error is little to zero.


      High-Quality Finish

Has it ever happened to you that you didn't get the final result you wanted? Don't worry. Our professionals' vast experience helps them to deliver the best possible result to you.


      Haste Results

We have been in this industry for quite some time now, and we know all the ins and outs of it. After learning from each project, we have streamlined our powder coating process to deliver you the results as quickly as possible.

 Want to learn more about us, Rusty Lions, or maybe want to work on your project? Either way, give us a call at 973-459-8515.