In recent years, with the development of technology, many good sex doll brands have appeared. Skin elasticity and tactile resolution of real skin, body and appearance are also very good. Sex Dolls Some female genitalia even feature ornate buttocks for added volume and firmness. The lips of the vagina can be seen between your legs and between the testicles on the penile prosthesis. Breast implants are smooth and soft to the touch, with erect nipples.

Built-in heaters are a custom option when you buy TPE sex dolls. It may not completely heat the doll, but for areas like the vaginal canal and mouth, this can make the Realistic Sex Doll feel more real, feel better to you, and improve the experience overall. You might be wondering if this functionality can be built in. The answer is yes, there are built-in heaters that do the job.

Electric blanket or heating pad

You can use an electric blanket for temporary heating for a short period. But it is advisable to pay attention to the temperature of the blanket when heating it. It is recommended not to put a blanket on the doll for too long. It does work, but these electric blankets often make the doll too hot and it's generally not recommended because it can damage the skin if you're not careful. You can use it for a short time to warm it up.

warm bath

If you feel unsafe or too expensive, a warm bath is a great way to warm up your sex doll while you bathe yourself. For this, you should make sure that the water temperature is below 104 degrees, because if the water temperature is higher than 104 degrees, it is possible to melt the skin and bones, and if you are not careful, it will increase the wear and tear of the Game Lady Doll. If you want to know more, follow Lovedollshops.

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