If you think your man is playing games and sending unclear signals? Are you not sure about his feeling for you? In this post, we will tell you the signs he pretending not to like you and how to read his mind. A man is full of fixed signals sometimes he is passionate other times he is cold. Sometimes he is in love other times he doesn't care. The strange behaviour is an unborn quality of man. So how to catch the right signal? In this article, we will tell them just look for common signs he pretending not to like you 

He acts casual but he slips something

Everyone is different in the ways he expresses feelings and emotions. Many guys act carefree around someone they like but sometimes they give positive signals. Some signs he pretending not to like but cares include 

  • Linking your social media post 

  • Answering your call or text right away 

  • Listening  to you carefully 

  • Giving genuine compliments frequently 

He is always around you 

The root of true love connects deeply with human behaviour as it is the first thing to change after you fall in love if a guy wears a completely different character when he is around you possibly he is in love with you there are some signs he pretending not to like you but he is mad about you 

  • You find him staring at you 

  • When you notice he tries to hide 

  • He always  looking for time to spend with you 

He is not your boyfriend but behave like he is your boyfriend 

He does not need to say “I love you “ to be in love with you, not always boys different ways they will spend every moment with you like a couple but are afraid to express their feeling. So if you wonder whether or not he loves you these signs pretending not to like you 

  • He spends a long time with you 

  • He is differently protecting and loving you 

  • Leave the world aside you know how you feel to be with him 

He seems sad around you 

Does he often feel sad or try to gain sympathy whenever you are around? He is looking for sympathy. Or maybe sad because he can not be with you forever. This is one of the strong signs he pretending not to like you 


He is over-protective around you 

In love protective nature always comes first despite his carrier attitude, you might find him protective or cautious whenever he is around you it is because he does not want to have a wrong impression about him 

He tries to be funny  

If he likes you he pretends to be a little funnier with you than other. That is how love works. No matter if your joke is bad or good he was, he would always laugh at your jokes. It is easiest to  identify he is pretending not to like you 


He remembers all your words 

If he always keeps track of everything you have said he is undoubtedly in love with you. When a guy starts loving you he starts learning your habit and taking an interest in you