Literally every other major AAA sports FUT 23 Coins game has them in and it’s now Konami’s time to adapt. To think that in 2018 the developers have an idea of how the game should always be played comes off as slightly arrogant. Sure, “slideritis” is real and ruin one’s enjoyment, but the upside sliders bring far outweigh the negatives. CPU passing error, shot speed, and aggressiveness/fouls, all sore spots in FIFA 23 2018, could readily benefit from some tweaks. 

With Konami stuck in-between two worlds when it comes to what kind of game they are focused on making, it’s time to give both sides of the community options. PC users have benefited from global editors for quite some time, but editing individual player stats on a console is mind-numbingly monotonous. There is nothing that kills the gameplay immersion quite like the lack of presentation. Everything from the commentary to statistical overlays, and finishing with the broadcast package (scoreboard, replays, etc.) is subpar in FIFA 23. 

Peter Drury’s overly excited tone does not mesh with the often silent and reserved Jim Beglin. In-match statistics have improved but are still lacking. Simple things like current league tables, season stats, etc. are missing despite being seemingly simple implementations. The broadcast package is also basic at best with motion blur offering more of a distraction than addition on replays buy FIFA 23 Coins . Replay angles have improved but there are still times when the camera can’t keep up with the speed of the ball after a shot. Across the board, FIFA 23 could some much needed attention to their approach to presentation.