Among the former three tasks of D2R: Act2, the second task is kind of tough. The third task can be completed with the second one. The specific steps to finish the task have been written in the previous news, you can check “What will encounter when you reach Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act II?" on mmoso. It described the completion of the last three tasks of Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 2, and then Go to Act 3.


How to complete Quest 4: The Arcane Sanctuary and Quest 5: The Summoner?


These two tasks can be conducted in the same time. Completion of the former task, you are eligible to enter the palace behind Jerhyrn, and then find the Palace Cellar. You will meet a portal on the third floor of the Palace Cellar that leads directly to the Arcane Sanctuary. You must light up the Waypoint, and then slowly learn to find Summoner in the four directions. Summoner is in a random position in four directions. After finding it, kill him, and then click the pedestal next to it. You will get the correct symbol of Tal Rasha's Tomb.

These two tasks are generally not difficult, but you need to pay attention not to be surrounded by Ghoul Lords, Hell Clan Goatmen, and Spectres. Otherwise you will die quickly, dropping equipment and spending gold to resurrect. You can change your mercenaries and use the mercenaries to increase defense in Act 2.


How to complete Quest 6: The Seven Tombs to reach Act 3?


For this task, you need talk with Jerhyn. And then kill Summoner and click on the side pedestal. A red portal appeared will leads you to the Canyon of the Magi. You need to click on the task to see the correct symbol of Tal Rasha's Tomb, and then look for it along the edge of the map. If you want to gain more experience and more gear, you can enter it at will. If you just want to pass quickly, you can go directly to Tal Rasha's Tomb with the correct symbol. You need to use the Horadric Staff to open Tal Rasha's Chamber in a glowing room. Here you will meet Act 2's Boss Duriel. You have to be well prepared and take enough potions in your inventory and belt. After entering, put a TP next to you. It will be a fierce battle. If you can't defeat it, click the back button and be prepared to try again.


After victory, it's time to talk to Tyrael in the area, then back to town and talk to Jehryn. He will take you to Meschif, the one who will take you to Kurast Docks and reach Act 3.


The probability of death in the last three tasks of Act 2 is very high, especially when surrounded by monsters and facing the boss. Therefore preparation for D2 Resurrected Items is required, including the best gear and potion. If not enough, you can Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items at MMOSO. In addition, the probability of dropping D2R Runes in the following tasks will be higher, so pay more attention in the game! 


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