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The current state of the market research industry

  • The current state of the market research industry is one of transition. In recent years, there has been a shift away from traditional marketing research methods, such as focus groups and surveys, towards newer techniques that make use of big data and advanced analytics.
  • This has led to a more fragmented landscape, with a growing number of small specialist firms competing against the large multinational companies that have long dominated the market research industry.
  • There are a number of factors driving this change. Firstly, the growth of digital channels has made it easier for companies to collect their own data, bypassing the need for third-party market research firms altogether.
  • Secondly, the rise of big data has given rise to new players who are able to offer insights based on analysis of large data sets.
  • And finally, advances in technology have made it possible for smaller companies to compete with the large incumbents by offering more agile and innovative solutions.
  • As a result of these changes, the market research industry is undergoing a period of consolidation.
  • The largest companies are acquiring smaller specialists in order to stay ahead of the curve, while many smaller firms are struggling to survive.
  • This consolidation is likely to continue in the coming years as the industry adapts to the changing landscape.

The top 5 market research firms in the world

1. Nielsen

2. Ipsos

3. Kantar

4. GfK

5. comScore

The top 5 market research blogs

1. Market Research World- This blog provides readers with the latest market research news from around the world.

2. The Market Research Event Blog- This blog covers all the latest happenings in the world of market research including conferences, webinars, and new products.

3. GreenBook Blog- GreenBook is one of the leading voices in market research offering insights, commentary, and best practices from industry experts.

4. Quirk's Marketing Research Media- This blog provides readers with the latest marketing research articles, case studies, and white papers from around the globe.

5. Market Research Links- This blog is a comprehensive resource for market researchers providing links to articles, reports, and other resources.

The top 5 market research news sources

There are a variety of ways to stay up-to-date on the latest market research news. Here are five popular sources:

1. Twitter - Following key market research hashtags, such as #mrx or #insights, can help you quickly find and read relevant articles.

2. LinkedIn - There are numerous groups dedicated to sharing market research news, such as the Market Research Professionals group.

3. Reddit - The subreddit /r/marketresearch is a great place to find links to interesting articles and discussions on all things market research.

4. Google News - You can set up Google News alerts for specific keywords, such as "market research" or "consumer insights," to make sure you don't miss any relevant news stories.

5. Datapublishernews - Our very own blog is a go-to source for timely market research news and insights!

How to get started in market research

  • If you're interested in market research, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, familiarize yourself with the different types of market research and the methods used to collect data.
  • Second, learn about the different sources of market research data, including both primary and secondary sources. Finally, take some time to explore the various market research databases and tools available online.


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