There are many steps involved in cleaning a car vacuum cleaner - unplugging it from the outlet, removing the canister, dumping out the dirt and debris, washing the canister with soap and water, and drying it off. However, with these simple tips, you can easily clean your car vacuum cleaner and have it working like new in no time!

What You Will Need

-A car vacuum cleaner such as Stick vacuum cleaner or Cordless vacuum cleaner
-A clean cloth
-A bucket of warm water
-A mild detergent
-A sponge


1. Begin by unplugging your car vacuum cleaner from the outlet.

2. Next, take a clean cloth and wipe down the outside of the vacuum cleaner. Be sure to remove any dirt or debris that may be on the surface.

3. Once the surface is clean, fill a bucket with warm water and add a mild detergent. Submerge the vacuum cleaner in the water and allow it to soak for several minutes.

4. After soaking, use a sponge to scrub away any remaining dirt or debris. Be sure to rinse the vacuum cleaner thoroughly with clean water when finished.

5. Finally, allow the vacuum cleaner to dry completely before storing it away or using it again.



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Step One: Vacuum the Carpet

Assuming you have a regular sized car, the first step is to remove all the floor mats and vacuum the carpet. You don't want to start scrubbing dirt and debris into the fibers of your carpet. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum to loosen any dirt that's been ground in. If you have any stains, treat them now with a carpet cleaner before moving on to step two.

Step Two: Vacuum the Seats

Next, use the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean the seats. Start with the backs of the seats and work your way down. Pay extra attention to areas where there may be crumbs or other bits of food. Again, if you have any stains, treat them with a cleaner before moving on.

Step Three: Vacuum

Step Two: Vacuum the Seats

Assuming you have a regular, Handheld vacuum cleaner:

1. First, remove all floor mats and shake them out. This will help remove any large debris that could clog your vacuum.

2. Next, start with the seats. Vacuum the top of the seats first, working your way down to the crevices. For best results, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum.

3. Once the seats are done, move on to the floors. Vacuum in both directions – back and forth, as well as side to side – to make sure you don’t miss any spots.

4. Finally, vacuum the trunk or storage area of your car. Be sure to empty the vacuum canister or bag when you’re finished to avoid leaving dirt behind.

Step Three: Vacuum the Floor Mats

Assuming you have a standard vacuum cleaner with attachments, you'll want to start by vacuuming the floor mats. You can do this by attaching the upholstery attachment to the vacuum and running it over the surface of the mats. If your mats are particularly dirty, you may need to go over them a few times to get all of the dirt and debris out. Once you're satisfied with the results, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Vacuum the Trunk

Assuming your car has a trunk, this is where you'll want to start when vacuuming your vehicle. Your car's trunk is likely full of all sorts of things: spare change, old receipts, an emergency kit... and probably some dirt and debris. Get rid of all the trash in your trunk first, then vacuum it out using your car vacuum cleaner. Don't forget to get into all the nooks and crannies!



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We hope you found our Vacuum cleaner Supplier guide on how to clean a car vacuum cleaner helpful. If you have any other tips or tricks on how to keep your car vacuum cleaner in tip-top shape, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!