Everyone loves leaving town for a few days to escape reality and enjoy life without obligations or concerns. Whether you go hiking, take a road trip with family, or spend some time camping in the great outdoors, you will need a few things to prepare for your trip. You must pack clothing, hiking boots or sneakers, and products like sunscreen, along with food. Time spent in the great outdoors or driving with family in your camper van is fun until you go to fill up at the gas station and the food is too expensive, or you are stuck eating hot dogs at your campsite. You can save money and truly enjoy your food by prepping freeze-dried meals in Mylar food storage bags and MRE pouches, and then storing them in your van, tent, or even backpack!

What are Mylar bags?

Mylar bags and MREs are the perfect food storage option if you want convenient, yummy meals anytime, anywhere. They can easily fit right into your backpack, or in storage spaces in your camper van. MRE bags can keep the food safe to eat while you are adventuring, too. The major use of Mylar bags is to store food items that you will eat later, maybe in a few weeks, months, or years. It is the secret item used by food preppers to keep the food item safe for a very long time. Mylar bags are great for preppers, but they are also great if you want to enjoy an off-grid vacation in a cabin or tent, spend some time living on the road in your van, or spend a long weekend camping. You can easily carry MRE bags in your backpack, and Mylar bags can also fit right into your van or tent. There is no doubt that Mylar bags and MRE pouches are the best long-term food storage option that will keep your food safe to eat while you are camping in the great outdoors, but what some haven’t considered is that MREs are the best for road trips. For instance, you can store freeze-dried meals to enjoy at any time and you can save money by not spending money on food at a convenience store or a restaurant. This also works for snacks. The snacks you stockpile at home could be used on the road. Instead of spending $5 for a small bag of chips at the gas station while you fill up, you could simply open up your Mylar bag and enjoy a fresh snack. Mylar bags and MRE pouches make camping trips cheap, too! If you love to camp, you can rehydrate freeze dried meals stored in MRE pouches with boiling water. That way, you can enjoy homecooked meals in the great outdoors instead of spending money on expensive pre-made products.

What if these bags burst open?

If you ask a prepper about the best Mylar bags for food storage, they will know why Mylar bags are the best option for emergency preparedness. People already know how beneficial these bags are. They are strong enough to bear severe wear and tear. Therefore, you do not need to worry about spillage. So, you can hike with MREs in your backpack with no worries.

Will these bags keep the food items safe?

Some Mylar bags are better than others. Wallaby Mylar bags are engineered with an added internal layer of aluminum foil which provides superior durability and puncture resistance. When Wallaby created their Mylar bags, they considered every factor that can ruin food items, and that is why their Mylar bags are air tight, moisture-proof, and light-blocking. Your food will not spoil in these bags on your camping or road trips. Wallaby also made their Mylar bags and MRE bags with BPA-free, food-grade materials, so you can truly trust that your food is safe to eat in Wallaby MRE pouches and Mylar bags.

About Wallaby:

You can buy the best mylar food storage bags at Wallaby. Mylar bags from Wallaby are the best solution to your food storage problems on camping trips or other outdoor adventures. They will keep your food fresh and safe to eat while you are in the great outdoors, and they are also the best option if you need high quality Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to prep food for emergencies at home. Wallaby is loved by preppers all over America. So, start shopping at this store now.

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