At least, Tebow's restarted the debate over whether he's a good fit as a Madden NFL 23 quarterback Mut 23 coins. We should also remember that this could be the best he's done, too.

Michael Sam will have documentary series, but won't be filmed at Rams facility.

Michael Sam's historic entry into the Madden NFL 23 will be treated to a documentary thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Network. Cameras will be following the defensive player who is a rookie on the field as he tries to make it onto St. Louis Rams' final roster for offseason exercises along with training camp. One place where cameras will not be following Sam is inside the Rams building, according to Madden NFL's Mike Huguenin.

The documentary is scheduled to air in six to eight segments, and will focus on Sam's reaction to personal experiences both on and off field. The only thing the show isn't likely to show is Sam participating in practices or talking to coaches at one Rams Way. Lack of Hard Knocks level quality may be disappointing for some. Sam's agent, Cameron Weiss, who is also the producer for the documentary, told the media that Sam and his representation had no intention of fighting the Rams to gain access, but.

"OWN's cameras wouldn't be able the Rams' facility for a look inside the locker room, or to play on the field since no one has these rights apart from Madden NFL 23." Weiss is asked when the filmmakers had even asked permission to shoot at the Rams facility, and he said, "It wasn't asked at all madden nfl 23 coins. We wouldn't want to put them in that position." Rams in that situation."