Even in 2022, the argument between WordPress and Custom Website For Business is still going strong!

WordPress has advanced significantly in a relatively short period of time. It now powers a startling 43% of all webpages on the internet as of the time of writing (July 2022). Why would you choose to develop a really "custom" website when there are tens of thousands of themes and plugins available to assist you create the ideal website?

There are circumstances in which a Custom Designed Business Websites are appropriate, but in the majority of cases, WordPress will likely be your best option. Read on, and we'll try to clear up any confusion you may have concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the two choices. Read on!

Comparing WordPress with custom websites for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor to take into account while creating a new website (SEO). A strong Google ranking ensures that your website receives a lot of traffic as a result of good SEO optimization. You obviously want as much traffic as you can get, after all!

WordPress websites typically have good SEO functionality out of the box. A lot, however—and this is a major but—depends on the theme and plugins that are used. No matter how well-built the underlying CMS (in this case, WordPress), poorly designed themes will hinder your SEO attempts. WordPress-powered websites often give the impression that SEO is an afterthought because designers often focus first on the usability and aesthetics of the site before attempting to "bolt on" SEO-friendly aspects using SEO plugins like Yoast.

And even though WordPress is SEO-friendly, you're still somewhat limited in how this is accomplished because you're working with a CMS that ultimately does have limitations on what can and cannot be done.

Custom Designed Business Websites are not affected by this drawback. You are liberated to act anyway you like because of their very nature. The likelihood is that SEO is something that is considered right from the start because creating a Custom Website For Business tends to be a bigger, more expensive effort than setting up a WordPress website. This implies that you have the chance to get it exactly right from the start rather than attempting to optimize your site after it has been created.

The Winner: Individual web pages

WordPress vs. Custom Websites Design

Design is undoubtedly a major factor to take into account when deciding between a Custom Website For Business and a WordPress website. WordPress was formerly the loser here... But when it comes to website design and WordPress, things have greatly improved. If you want to use a pre-built theme to launch your site design, you have an abundance of options. Tens of thousands (maybe more!) of themes can be used to build a stunning WordPress website, as we discussed at the beginning of this post. And if none of them appeal to you, you can always create your own theme.

Of course, there may be times when you have to "battle" a particular feature of WordPress that makes it challenging to use. This can occur if you're working on a very complex design. In these situations, a wholly customized website might be the best option for achieving the style and functionality that your website needs.

responsiveness of a website

Make sure the final product is a responsive website whether you choose a fully customized website or a WordPress theme. Responsive websites function on many different platforms, and as more and more people read on their mobile devices, if your site doesn't adjust to fit these smaller screens, Google may even punish your site from a Search Ranking viewpoint. There is one less thing for you to worry about because all high-quality WordPress themes come with a responsive design. But you'll need to make sure to incorporate this essential component into your overall design when creating Custom Designed Business Websites.


Although there are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available, many of them may share a lot of similarities. While there are many ways to customize themes to make them stand out, a fully bespoke design will probably be more effective at giving you a truly original website.

The Result Is A Draw

WordPress vs. Custom Websites Functionality

When it comes to functionality, WordPress is a clear victor. In addition to its built-in CMS (Content Management System) features, which make managing your website simple (more on this later), WordPress also has a ton of helpful, time-saving plugins that you can easily install to give your website extra functionality. These plugins are both available in the official WordPress library and from third-party developers.

The majority of plugins may offer functionality that you may not need, which is the one drawback. This increases the amount of "bloat" on your site, which can slow it down and make regular maintenance more difficult. You can prevent this by creating a custom WordPress plugin that only contains the features you require.

Without the need to integrate additional plugins, themes themselves offer levels of functionality that may benefit your website. Generally speaking, there isn't much you can't accomplish with the correct theme, plugins, and possibly a little custom coding.

A Custom Website For Business cannot benefit from this simplicity when it comes to enhancing the functionality of their website. Every component of truly unique builds will need to be hand-coded, both in terms of design and functionality. Time and much skill are required for this.

WordPress is the winner.

Development of WordPress vs. Custom Websites

You'll want to know what's superior while creating a new website. WordPress or having a site built from scratch? Well, there isn't always a straightforward solution, as with many things in life.

It is wise to inquire about your site's complexity and size, among other things. What features are necessary? How much can you afford? (more on that in a bit). What is likely to be the simplest, quickest, and most cheap option to get the website you require is what you want to ascertain. WordPress must be the obvious choice if you can find a theme you love, are aware that plugins are available to add the functionality you need, and your budget is limited. A custom site has to be the best option from a development standpoint if, however, you truly need something very unique and the functionality required is unusual (and as a result, there's a good chance that plugins won't give you what you need).

One significant benefit of creating a Custom Website For Business is that you can avoid any unnecessary bloat. This implies that your website will probably operate and load more rapidly. Never underestimate the difficulties of creating a website from scratch, though!

WordPress is the winner.

Scalability of WordPress vs. Custom Websites

The capacity of websites to expand is just one of their many fascinating features. You won't likely experience any problems expanding your website, say, from ten pages to twenty, whether it runs on WordPress or has a custom design built from the ground up. Scalability problems frequently appear when things start to get really big. Maybe your eCommerce business is doing well, and your product catalog has been expanding quickly. You started with 100 products and now have 500, but you expect to sell 10,000 in the next two years. Could your current website handle it?

It's unfortunate that when designing a new website for their company, people don't really consider scalability. Laying the foundation for growth early on is frequently preferable to having to start from scratch once things get too big. The built-in content management tools in WordPress actually make it more likely than a Custom Website For Business to succeed in this area. It takes little time to add numerous new pages to a WordPress website. Scaling Custom Designed Business Websites, however, typically requires a lot more work.