Easyjet is one of the low-cost airlines. And suppose you will choose this airline as a travel companion. In that case, you might get various advantages, such manage itineraries, low fares, additional assistance, etc., when you have an issue or question with this airline. You can approach the customer service of the airline and resolve your issues. If you cannot find the option to speak with the airline, then feel free to read the subheadings.

Manner of approaching EasyJet customer service 

If you are having difficulty grabbing the modes to communicate with customer service, then by referring here, you may not get into such trouble. And the option is as follows:-


When you require immediate resolution with the airline or have trapped in a question that is hard to explain, then you can use the airline's official number, and to get that, you can comply with the steps that have been illustrated beneath:-

  • Use a search engine to open Easyjet's official website 

  • Click on the contact us option 

  • After that, open the dropdown of all local telephone number option 

  • Now dia the number and follow the IVR option 

Tap1 to choose language, Tap3 for the flight change, Tap6 for the baggage information, and Tap0 to speak with customer service


If you think that you can explain your issue better way through writing, then you can use the chat option, and the guide for using this has been stated beneath:-

  •  Get to the official website of Easyjet 

  • After that, click on the contact us option 

  • And then click on the chat icon and choose the start chat option.


When you can describe your issue better through the above option, you can use th email mode, but the reverted form may take up to 24 to 48 hours. And to share the email, you can act with the steps that are stated beneath:-

  • Head to the authenticated website of Easyjet

  • Then, click on the contact us icon

  • Now, click on the email us icon 

  • After this, fill in the details asked in the form and click on the submit icon.

Social media 

When the ways mentioned above aren't helpful, you can state your issue to customer service on their social media account. And to approach there, you can use the links:-

  • To get on Twitter, you can try this one twitter.com/easyJet

  • For Instagram, try this one instagram.com/easyJet

Furthermore, reading here, you can find the answers for the issues such as How can I get through to EasyJet? So choose the option that can help you to get the proper solutions.