To fly from one destination to another, a thing that is required is a passion factor, not an age factor. And similarly, to have a delightful journey for older passengers, Lufthansa provides different facilities and special assistance to older passengers. Hence, their journey from booking a ticket to traveling to their desired destination becomes delightful and remarkable. So, below is a detailed discussion about what kind of different services and facilities provide to older passengers:

Understand what special assistance is provided:

  • You can reserve a seat while booking your flight ticket, and this can be a relieving step for old-age passengers as they can book a seat with extra legroom, but you may have to incur additional costs to purchase these seats.

  • Lufthansa provides multiple convenient services for senior passengers, for example, Late-night check-in, baggage check-in, a less time printed boarding pass, and other stress-free services for the old passenger. 

  • It is recommended by Lufthansa Airlines for older passengers to reserve a seat in advance and check in the night before.

  • Lufthansa also provides the facility of wheelchairs for older passengers for free, so they do not experience any problems while boarding a plane and reaching their destination.

  • Moreover, there are special needs counters at Munich and Frankfurt airports for old-age passengers and a special care lounge. So, their traveling experience becomes remarkable, and they become frequent fliers for Lufthansa. (Must note that you are required to book this special service 48 hours before your departure by calling on the customer helpline number 1800 102 5838.)

  • You’ll be provided with the staff near the machines to assist you in checking in, and you will have no problems or delays in check-in and boarding the plane.

  • You can also book Lufthansa Guide Services, where the guides will offer you welcome assistance, and you will be picked up and dropped off at the correct gates. 

  • On flights for old-age passengers, a special-diet meal will be served. (this special meal service can be booked by visiting the official website of Lufthansa and then under “My Bookings.”

Now, there must be a question: does Lufthansa offer Senior Citizen Discounts? Then the answer to it is yes. You can use Pre-earned promo codes (15-30% discount by this.), Payment discounts, and Gift or reward points to get the offer from Lufthansa Airlines. And you can avail of the offer, which ultimately adds more taste to the journey of the senior passengers while booking a flight ticket with Lufthansa.