Unexpected Threats to Your Art Collection

 We're all aware of the risks to our most treasured artworks from theft and natural catastrophes. However, there are additional risks that are less protected in the

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 Not only is it newsworthy, but also very dangerous. These are the threats that art collectors face.

 Cyber risk

 Your house is your artwork. Your daily life is dominated by your art. So, it most likely is visible on your social media accounts. Think about how you share your spaces

 digitally. There may be secure inventories and then do something banal like upload a photo onto Instagram with your prized Picasso in the background.

 Your family takes a safari around Africa. You post photos of that. You post photos of that.

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 with the work of your Picasso. With your Picasso. Instagram post has allowed the thief to find the wall on which to place your masterpiece. Cue: theft.

 Although you might have many protocols, often your digital presence is overlooked. Be cautious and think about how your living spaces are shared on

 Social media

 Social events

 Sometimes, you don't have control over what is posted via social media. You may also make posts to social media at any time.

 There have been reports of personal security guards taking photos of artwork with expensive objects and guests taking photos of the artwork and then posting them to social networks. This is not uncommon.