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 The art world is constantly in flux and the pandemic continues to rage on with no sign of a clear end in view. Each day brings more information about budget cuts and layoffs.

 Restructuring, shifting calendars, delayed and cancelled events OVRs, and new forms of internet programming -- when the dust finally settles

 The world of art can appear entirely different.

 Many museum professionals who were gallery assistants, registrars or museum educators were fired due to the pandemic. While

 Some of those jobs have been reinstated The Delta variant threatens to retake these workers. Unfortunately, this is the case for this specific group of professionals.

 Work-related insecurity isn't something new. Their chosen career and the reality that follows can be best summarized with one word: precarious.

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 People who escaped the financial crisis of 2008 and the recession that followed will be able to see the current job market reminds them of the past, however with the additional benefit of a public service.