LH: Art Mavens Pro is the first platform specifically designed for art professionals to seek freelance work, in reaction to the pandemic and a shift in work patterns

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 all over the world.

 When we conducted our research to create Art Mavens Pro we discovered that the most significant issue and challenge for artists who freelance is getting paid.

 We believe in being timely paid and ensuring that you are paid promptly. The platform we have created keeps funds in an escrow account. Thus, freelancers get immediate payment upon successful completion of their job.

 the role, or based the agreed-upon milestones, or weekly etc.



 AA - How does Art Mavens Pro function?

 LH: This is only for employers. It's free to post jobs on Art Mavens. The freelancer lists his or her skills. The budget is drafted by the prospective employer.

 They have to come up with a plan for the project. Our algorithms will determine the best combination.

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 Employers appreciate the fact that every applicant on the platform has been screened and scrutinized.