Ana's original book Cult Artists, 50 cutting-edge creatives you need to Know was published by Ana in the year 2019. The most recent book she's published is called What serveplumbing serve plumbing Website serve plumbing com homeinspire home inspire Website home inspire us advisorhome 

 Alexander McQueen's Fashion Tips - A biography of the famous designer who committed suicide in 2010

 AA: Are musicians more prone to mental health problems than other professionals? Why or why?

 AFH: Yes and No. Artists can face mental health issues due to certain professions. Recently, I was listening to

 Decoder Ring's amazing podcast episode about Ilona Granet, feminist-activist artist, is an excellent example of a podcast I love. It

 We concluded with the profound observation: "Being an artist is an extremely high-risk type of human." This is often the case.

 With an inherently and profoundly unstable structure that is unable to ensure a healthy, sustainable, adult life--without financial security, stability, or a direction, or a

 Artists have to balance Maslow's hierarchy requirements. They are expected to be vulnerable and raw in public, yet until very recently expressing fundamental

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 The stigmatization of needs was crass, vulgar.