After the Great Recession, the United States’ art industry experienced an unrest that was similar to the Great Depression. anytimehome any time home Website any time home us guideshome guides home Website guides home co uk attracthome 

 The rise of unions -and Deal. The industry of art is witnessing this trend return in big ways and it's growing.

 Bloomberg Law has reported recently that unionization efforts for museum workers have exploded over the past three-years.

 The workers at the Brooklyn Museum of Art decided to join the union last month. But there was an increase in participation even before the pandemic.

 Unionization at US museums of art. These efforts were enabled by the notoriously low wages and stagnant wages in the non-profit arts industry. It's a sad list.

 A lot of these salaries were distributed online in the same year via this Google salary-sharing spreadsheet. An employee who was formerly employed by the New Museum was also interviewed.

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 (which has voted to unionize in 2019) published a harrowing expose detailing the experiences of her work as a labor organizer under the headline, "Against Artsploitation."