You will need to take extensive photos of the damage and recount how the damage occurred in the most detail possible, in writing. A database like helpsinsurance helps insurance Website helps insurance com rightsinsurance rights insurance Website rights insurance com askinginsurance asking insurance 

 Artwork Archive will help you keep complete condition reports, images of any damages, and all other related documents in order, providing a comprehensive

 Overview of the entire artifact's history.

 Photos of the damages are necessary for any restoration firm you decide to use.

 If you plan to make a claim, you must contact your insurance company.

 Andrei says, "Most people want estimates prior to bringing in painting. I request photos of the front, back and the measurements of the artwork.

 For me, the billing process is by the job. However, the fee is based on previous experiences. It is based on the quantity of work needed and the difficulty level.

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 "I must also determine who is the owner of the painting. Sometimes, a contractor may want to bring a painting that was damaged while working in an apartment.