With the work of your Picasso. With your Picasso. Instagram post has helped this thief pinpoint the wall where you can hang your Picasso. Cue: theft.

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 You might have many protocols but digital presence is often overlooked. Think about the way your space is shared.

 social media.

 Social gatherings

 Sometimes, you don't have control over what's posted on social networks. Social gatherings can be a great place to take pictures and share.

 There have been stories of security personnel taking selfies with guests in front of artworks of great value. This is a common occurrence.

 A leak in your privacy could be disastrous. Ask your guests to put their mobiles in the coatroom.

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 You should also think about what you'd do if your celebration was damaged or harmed. Insurance or not, you don’t want your work to be damaged by glass.