AA: Are artists at greater risk for mental health problems as compared to other professionals? Why or why not

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 AFH: As with most things, there is a yes and a no. Artists can face mental health issues due to certain professions. I was recently listening to

 Decoder Ring has an amazing episode about Ilona Granet, a feminist activist and artist. It

 With the profound observation that "being an Artist is a higher-risk form of being a Person" I came to the conclusion,

 With an intrinsically and totally unstable structure that is unable to support a sustainable, healthy, adult life--without financial stability, benefits, a direction, or a

 Artists have to deal with both ends Maslow’s hierarchy. They are expected to be vulnerable and transparent in public. However, they have been able to communicate the most basic human needs up until recently.

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 Needs were branded as sexy and vulgar.