If your organization already hosts email and/or files with G-Suite (emails are sent as person@organisation.nz or something similar), you will need to speak with your organization's IT department about getting an account. Naturally, no one else can do this for you once it's been set up for security reasons. If you've been left in the lurch by a rogue agent, we can work with Google to reclaim your accounts.

If you are the person in charge of  gmail sign up administration in your organization and would like to have your email hosted on Google, please send us an email and we will have you up and running in no time.

If you are a private individual looking for a free Gmail address, you can sign up using the steps below:

Navigate to the Google Account registration page.
You will be prompted to enter your personal information. It is critical that you enter correct information, or else you risk having your account suspended by Google.

You should also choose a location that adheres to the most stringent privacy regulations - we recommend English (United Kingdom).
Select the blue Next button to the right.
You will be asked to confirm a communication method. This is to prevent illegal activities from being carried out using this new account, as well as for the other reasons mentioned on Google's relevant support page.

Again, it is critical that you enter correct information or you may find yourself in a situation where Google suspends your account. If your account is suspended, you may be required to confirm these details again.
You will then be asked to confirm your phone number. Select the blue Send button to the right and wait for a text message (SMS) to arrive before entering the number into the box provided.
Following that, you will be asked if you want to use this number for a variety of services. We recommend that you select More options and then Add my number for account security only.
Choose the blue Done or Yes, I'm in button on the bottom right, depending on your activity on the previous screen.
At the Privacy and Terms screen, make sure you read everything or, at the very least, understand that by using these services, the data you send/receive/create using your Google account is not truly yours and is subject to laws in the United States (and/or the country in which you reside).

It's also worth noting that, particularly in Europe, you have the option to delete this data permanently and/or download a copy of your data in common data formats as needed.

At the bottom of the screen, click the blue I agree button.
You have now completed the account creation process. You can use this new account to send and receive emails, as well as create and share documents using Google's office suite.

It is important to note that these free accounts have several storage limitations (a maximum of 15GB). While you can sign up for more storage, using the paid version of Google Suite is a far superior experience.