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One of the taxi applications with the highest growth, InDriver, uses the Real-Time Deals business model. With its "negotiating pricing" function, the InDriver app upended the industry for online taxi booking apps. By entering the pick-up and drop-off locations and his fee, the user can quickly schedule a ride.Omninos sloution Drivers can accept the quoted price, refuse the request, or bid for a higher price after the rider has placed his bid. Drivers can select their rides thanks to this function.


In 2012, Russian students developed the InDriver cab app. In Russia, taxi drivers typically increased their prices an additional one and a half times when the mercury dropped to as low as -45 degrees centigrade. Students therefore made this app, where you have

The inDriver clone script is a simple-to-use tool that enables drivers to haggle prices with customers in real time. It uses a real-time deals model to operate. Additionally, this software allows you to define your fare rates and modify them according to the volume of traffic and other variables. The company's business strategy is to give drivers the choice to bargain over the cost of each journey. It made it possible for them to overtake its main rival Uber, which holds a 40% share of the market and dominates it. Their business model has been effective, and they currently own 10% of the market share, with no signs of slowing down.

You may rapidly launch your taxi app like the original with our Indriver Clone Script, which 


With this service, the customer is free to select any form of transportation that the drivers send him along with the associated cost. Customers can choose the best mode of transportation for them while using this freight service, and you can also directly negotiate a price with the driver. The driver will accept your offer if he is pleased with it. If not, he will reply to your inquiry with a price.

We also offer the option for users to choose the transport vehicle of their choosing, such as a small truck or a big truck, or anything that best suits their needs.

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