How to Call United Airlines Customer Service from Mexico?

 United Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago. The United Airlines customer service team loves to listen to its customers. Whether you want to buy a ticket or change existing reservations, find out about your damaged, delayed or lost bags and misplaced items, transportation of cargo and animals, refund policy or want to change your already reserved seat, then you need do all this by contacting the United Airlines customer service center.

to view flight confirmation -  United Airlines Confirmation number

Different ways to contact United Airlines from Mexico

By phone

United Airlines does not charge a service fee if customers want assistance from the Customer Contact Center over the phone if they have an existing reservation, but if there are any change fees that may apply, the representative will let you know. To speak with a United Airlines representative, customers must follow the IVR below:

Step 1: Dial the  United Airlines Mexico phone number.
Step 2 : If you want to speak in Spanish, press 1.
Step 3 : If you want to speak in English, press 2.
Step 4 : If you want to speak in any other language, press #.
Step 5 : If you have questions about the refund policy, press 3.
Step 6 : If you want to know the costs of loading and transporting animals, press 4.
Step 7 : If you want to make any changes to existing reservations, press 5.
Step 8 – If you still can't find your question, press 6 to speak directly with a United Airlines customer service representative.
The United Airlines telephone  help line is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Via email

If you have any special meal requests or special travel needs or want to know about MileagePlus enrollment, then email is the best method as it will be easier for you to keep those documents and easily read them whenever you want.

Send a formal email to the United Airlines email address: [email protected]. After sending your email and relax again as you will receive a response within 2 days with all your problems or queries resolved. His responses are prompt and satisfactory.

By live chat

If you don't know how to send an email then don't worry as you can also send messages via the live chat option which is available on their official website. Visit the United Airlines official website, click on the "Contact Us" tab, then click on the "Chat with Us" option, and from there you can start sending messages with instant reply. It's as simple as chatting.

Throught social media

The biggest advantage of social networks is that they can also be used to complain or highlight your problem to the world by writing a message to the airline mentioning your name, which forces United Airlines customer service to solve your problem as soon as  possible  . soon as possible. People can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for easy reach.

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