Kitchen wrapping in dubai: What is it?

With Dubai being the place of luxury and the hub of fancy houses, the pressure on keeping your house design trendy is on the increase.

Even though Dubai is known for money and high salaries, not all people are able to afford a complete house refurbishment as the expenses can be high. Creative wrapping is the solution

With the constant evolution and creative innovation in the world, vinyl wrapping has become one the latest trends to use for your house remodeling. Creative wrap is the process of using vinyl materials and apply it on your existing house parts that will help it gain a new look, Vinyl wrapping is a mixture of many components with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer. Each component added differs and depends on the final look required. Vinyl wrapping has many finishing designs.

The designs and colors are endless and you can select what best matches your expectations and own style. Finishes could be matt, semi-matt or wood effect. You can also opt for a glossy and shiny look.

Colors also can vary. You can choose from neutrals to dark color palettes. If you are interested in adding a pop of color that can work too! Currently there’s around 7000 finishes available.

Obviously this number differs depending on the company you decide to hire for that job. This is why it is important to choose wisely when choosing wrapping companies in dubai.

Of course, other elements should be taken into consideration when choosing the company such as work experience and their previous projects. Check their social media accounts for their before/after pictures to see the quality of their work.

In Dubai,the concept of vinyl wrapping is new and it is starting to become more popular by the day. People are selectively choosing this solution for their house improvement designs. You can do vinyl wrapping on your whole kitchen (This can be applied to your kitchen cabinets, countertops and even kitchen drawers) You can also add vinyl on your doors and bathroom components.

The materials used for bathroom wrapping and door wrapping is the same one as the ones used for the kitchen. Usually, this option is considered better than re-painting the surfaces and it's more eco-friendly if you are interested in a solution that is environmentally friendly.
Most of the components used are eco-degradable so by changing your kitchen or bathroom design you can rest as you are not participating in waste.

Some things to consider when picking vinyl wrapping is that this solution is not forever. It is long lasting, yes! But at some point you will need to upgrade and change the existing papers.

For most cases, Vinyl Wrapping lasts around 5 to 8 years (of course, that depends on the person maintaining it). If you keep it maintained, the results could last you even longer.


The pricing is not a fixed rate as the it depends on several factors: The colors/ shapes/finishing you decide to choose The company you decided to deal with The exact items that are going to be wrapped The meters of the items that are going to be wrapped And much more!


One company in Dubai which offers these types of services is Yalla Wrap It. They are located in 1201, Grosvenor Business Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. They offer endless options you can choose from and they have consultants that can help you and guide you with your decision making !