Access management and conformity:

You have likely read articles discussing the negative effects of having a micromanaging boss. What about bots then? Fortunately, we can and should micromanage them! This is the purpose of audit logs, centralised governance, analytics, and role-based access controls at the granular level. If everyone in an organisation is developing and executing random scripts on their desktops, the organisation is suddenly dependent on files that are not centrally stored, vetted by IT, or scalable... not to mention what may occur if the individuals who created these scripts leave the organisation.

Automation Anywhere offers access control and compliance, allowing you to ensure that whoever is developing bots in Automation 360 is adhering to the organisation's best practises, storing their bots in a centralised location, and using enterprise-grade encryption to protect your bots/data at rest and in motion. FITA Academy provides the best Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai. So you will learn the RPA as well as Automation anywhere course simultaneously.

Unique complete native cloud platform:

Automation Anywhere is a comprehensive, fully integrated digital workforce platform that provides out-of-the-box all the parts required to enable a cycle of intelligent automation. Similar to the friend who has everything you request in their bag (only in this case, their bag is the cloud). A centralised location with integrated solutions can expedite your automation journey; you can even download ready-to-deploy bots from the Bot Store.

And about Cloud Native, what does it mean and why is it significant?

Automation Anywhere was designed from the ground up (or, more accurately, from the cloud up) to be cloud native. Because of this, scalability is embedded into the platform, enabling instantaneous vertical and horizontal scaling without end-user intervention. This ensures that you never run out of capacity and that your environment is always available, independent of the automation demands. 

Not only does the microservice-based architecture of Automation 360 make scaling simple and efficient, but it is also compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems, giving it a flexible solution for both on-premises and self-hosted cloud deployments. Automation in the cloud provides greater TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reductions by removing the requirement for infrastructure and maintenance. Pretty sweet if you ask me.  Automation Anywhere Online Training is exclusively conducted for Students and working professionals.

Quicker time to value and usability:

Suppose you've written scripts/applications using syntax-sensitive programming languages. In that case, you're likely familiar with how aggravating it can be to spend hours looking for the issue on your script, just to discover that you (forgot to close a bracket... Using Automation 360 to construct your bots offers an abstraction layer between you and the executing code. Automation 360 is your translator – Automation 360's RPA workspace is a simple drag-and-drop interface that enables the use of thousands of configurable actions. 

Since each action has its own setup window with needed fields and drop-down menus, the process of constructing bots may be democratised by removing the obstacles that syntax issues typically present. The approachable user interface enables business people (Citizen Developers) to immediately begin constructing their own automations and accelerates bot development by reducing reliance on IT developers.

Automation Anywhere enables users to access resources from any location with an internet connection, at any time, which is incredibly handy for remote access, distributed workforces, and working from home. With access to the most recent capabilities and regular upgrades, you are always constructing bots and utilising functions on a platform that is continuously growing, enabling the deployment of higher-quality bots and automated processes more quickly.


As you can see, there are a number of advantages to using an RPA Platform to design and deploy your bots, and Automation Anywhere is ready to help. The Developer Portal is constantly publishing courses and conducting meetups to ensure that you understand how to utilise Automation Anywhere's products. You don't have to figure out all of this on your own, so share this with others and go be fantastic!  Automation Anywhere Training in Bangalore will teach the advanced level of Automation course. So people who are living in Bangalore can come and join our academy as soon as possible.