Hazzikostas WoTLK Classic Gold added that Blizzard's teams have been working hard to establish an entirely new culture of connectivity amongst developers to create the feeling of dropping in front of someone's office to talk ideas.

"Just sending them a message through our internal system to see how they're doing , and if they've got a moment to take a listen to an insane idea and feeling like that's an appropriate thing to do in the same way that you would not be hesitant to peek into someone's workplace if you were in the same room," he said. "It's been a tremendous learning process, and I'm incredibly proud of everything that the team has and has accomplished to date. We're on track for, very likely, and historically, complete and release this game [Shadowlands] from our homes."

Hazzikostas went on to say that he's eager in observing how the workplace will be affected by the impact of COVID-19. "It'll be fascinating to watch how this all over the lessons that were learned to have the power to transform meetings and collaborative culture , as well as the perceptions of people about what's required and how best to share data," Hazzikostas said.

Shadowlands introduces five new zones, a brand new Dungeon Arena, a brand new raid, as well as a new feature called Covenants which unlocks a brand new campaign featuring multiple missions and new abilities that can be obtained. For more on Shadowlands take a look at the video above. The players can start testing Shadowlands buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold for themselves this week, as the beta is released.