You'll need Fletching skills level of 70 and RS Gold yew logs (Woodcutting skills level 60) to cut the longbow of yew (u) from them, and the bowstring (Crafting skills level 10,) for stringing the bow. Cutting the bow as well as stringing it will result in Fletching knowledge.

Skill Herblore up to 25 in order to clean Grimy Ranarr Weed It is available from the level 13 of Combat skill Chaos Druids (which is a great cross-gold opportunity as Chaos Druids can be cultivated to make valuable items) and continue to do so until you reach level 30 in Herblore skill, when you gain the ability to make unfinished Ranarr potions. After that, you can place it on the Grand Exchange and hope for massive profit.

While smelting bars are connected to Mining, you don't need to mine ore for yourself - the requirements for a successful smelting bar are sufficient to stop a lot of people from doing it and it's a good idea to purchase a large amount of raw materials from the Grand Exchange, smelt it and then post it back to refine it into a product.

The required items and abilities include access to a furnace and coal for higher-level ore (and the difficult to find coal bag) and 15, 30, 50 70, 85, and 15. Smithing level for bars that are listed below. Steel Mithril, Adamantite and Runite ore types require 2, 4, 6, as well as 8 nuggets of coal for 1 nugget ore in order to properly smelt it. Smelting iron bars has the potential to fail, and you need to avoid losing your equipment Ring of Forging.

The tablet can be created by buy osrs items online acquiring a mahogany demon lecterns in one's Study and unlocked Bones for Peaches spell, Mud Battlestaff and two Nature Runes, as well as one of the most well-known soft clay. Mud Battlestaff is replaceable by Earth or water Runes (four in each).