Thank you. Haha I'm a really bad player. I usually just play offline, but domination is not really hard for nba 2k20 mt me. I win every match on all-star problem. I really don't know which players that I should use on TT offline. I am just using Kobe, Antoine Walker and Chris Paul. Would you know a lineup that may get me some simpler wins. I won 12 and played like 18 games offline. I tried my luck but held on just for a short time since I got beaten up. I am on silver classifieds reward level. I was playing fifa this past year but start of april I switched to 2K20.

Spotlight Sims should be a good challenge, if you are killing Domination. The CPU scales up in TT Offline to match your player level, and that means you may win with pretty many any team, but the AI doesn't get better, either. Beasts: Amythyst Isaac Bonga, Ruby Donte DiVincenzo, Ruby Thon Maker, Amythyst Mo Bamba, Evo Jeremy Lin. You may most likely win some games on the internet with that group. Most of the players you'd win in the Spotlight Sims can immediate step in your lineup.

Online play suggestion: This may be unpopular but hear me out. Insert the option to turn "real player%" for shots on the internet. Obviously shot timing is a big part of what creates the skillgap in 2K but there clearly should be a penalty for using actual shot percent. If I'm using a Player with an 99 mid range shooter, and I am wide open, with real player percentage I'd expect to make it 6 or 7 times out of 10.

But with manual management you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the 3 ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50percent in play if for whatever reason you can not receive down his jumper, of his broad open shots, let his 99 badges and stats let you hit a percentage around there. May hit on the percentages that were mad high. The actual player portion could still take the time and with defense you shouldn't be getting looks anyways.

For 2K21, it needs better replay demonstration (meaning more and various angles for a single highlight), and the choice (like in past 2K) to view your personal highlight reel. It also has to show the highlight reel of this player of NBA 2K. There ought to be cutaways of bench, coach and crowd reactions to highlights... There ought to be a focus on rivalries... Make it so in mycareer a player can build a competition VS another nba player, or a team can build a rivalry VS another group... These rivalries should be triggered by post game questions in which u can either diss a team/opponent, or praise them... And mt for sale 2k20 when u diss them, it generates a competition point.