Finpecia 1 mg is a prescription-based product that is made for the treatment of hair loss in men. The main active ingredient that is used here in the composition of this medicine is finasteride 1 mg. Finpecia 1 mg is a great medicine that works quiet wonders. This medicine helps to control hair loss and even decreases the rate of thinning of hair and even baldness occurs due to thinning of hair. This is usually taken with a glass of water and it must be taken following the prescription only if you consume it more than required then it can severe side effects that you have to face and it can be dangerous for you. It helps to prevent hair loss by stopping the production of a hormone that causes severe hair loss and helps in the regrowth of hair. You have to consume it daily for a fixed period which your doctor has recommended to you and if you will not complete the whole course then this problem will be difficult to tackle. This medicine you need to take it as a whole as this is not chewable or crushed to pieces.

There are some mild side effects that you can face after consuming this medicine like erectile dysfunction or low libido, issues like premature ejaculation, etc. This tablet belongs to the group of 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors. If you face any sort of serious side effects then you must consult your doctor and stop taking this medicine immediately because there can be many no. of reasons that this medicine is not suitable for you. Do not consume this medicine if you are pregnant it is not safe for you then. You can overcome your hair loss issues with this medicine so you should go for it. Buy Finpecia 1mg Online