In a way a Los Angeles branding and marketing company works exactly the same that an advertising company does. They get a message out to the public. It might be a communication message, it might be a message about a product or a service, and it might be spin. It might be pure advertising, come and buy my clothes at the 40 % sale, and it might be subliminal advertising. There is a fine line between branding, marketing and PR, and all of these services overlap with one another, especially in today’s world of internet or digital marketing.  Many branding companies use radio, TV, even clothing, for branding, but all use the internet too. A marketing company may use radio, TV, clothing, newspapers and magazines, and the internet too. Advertising companies use whichever platforms apply to their clients, which is what they all do. They all offer digital services and digital marketing or digital branding or digital advertising too.

Choosing a branding or marketing person

The person you choose as your marketing company will depend on what they can do for you. They have to be able to show you results. Marketing is results driven. You might have a marketing agency who comes up with a brilliant marketing campaign but if the campaign does not reach the right audience, and the results are minimal, then this is not the right marketing agency for you. You need to talk about results in advance, and find out from the agency how they plan on getting you the coverage that you need, be it in the real world or be it on the internet. And most consumers are turning to the internet to do things these days, to buy or to sell , so you must choose a Los Angeles branding and marketing company who does this and who analyses the results.