Azure Database Migration Service provides fully managed support for any organization migrating from on-premises databases to one of many Azure databases. DMS can be used to migrate any type of database or data type and perform any type of migration. Supports migration of multiple database types including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Data Migration to Azure makes it easy to move data, objects, and schemas. Database Migration Service also permits you to automate migrations using Powershell.
The database migration service contains a data migration wizard. This unique tool permits users to assess migrations and recognize issues that may be preventing a successful migration. It also assists identify features that are not supported or may be adversely impacted. The assessment then provides a readiness checklist and steps and provides a report with optimization recommendations.

Service Models
Azure Database Migration Service contains two service tiers:
Standard and Premium.

The Standard tier gives access to up to 4 virtual cores and supports offline migration only. Designed for small to medium workloads.

The Premium tier also gives access to 4 virtual cores but supports both online and offline migrations. This service tier is commonly used for large, mission-critical workloads.

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