To become a good HR executive, it is very important to know strategic human resource management.

The process through which the department of the human resource of any organization maximizes the working capability of its workforce through strategic planning, leadership development, talent management, organizational design and performance management is called strategic human resource management.


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The Goals Of Strategic HR Management

HR managers of an organization today play a very important role in improving the business performance by hiring the correct people and also making sure that those people are fulfilling the mission of the organization properly.

Strategic human resource management is all about executing and developing different strategies which will attract, retain, motivate and manage the talented individuals who contribute to the success of the organization. It also includes practices and policies to ensure fairness in employment relations.


The term “strategy” in strategic HR management refers to the overall plan of action of the organization to create its value. Not only just one thing but there is a combination of many things, which include:
  • The actions that require to be taken by an organization to fulfill the customer needs.
  • The policies and procedures used are needed to manage the organization.
  • The processes used to produce goods and services.
  • Marketing activities which are useful to sell products and services.
  • A proper financial decision is important to fund operations.
  • Organizational structure.
  • The technology is used to help the business process.
  • Issues related to recruitment, selection, training, compensation, benefits, and performance management.
  • The legal directions and obligations which are affecting the organization.
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How Can A Business Benefit From Strategic Human Resource Management?

For an HR person it is very important to carefully consider and analyze the strategies of HRM. Here are the benefits involved in the strategic planning of human resources for a business:
  • Can identify the area of weakness and strength.
  • Addressing this weakness and strength with developed strategies.
  • Progress towards the end goal by establishing sub-goals and objectives.
  • Ensure there is alignment between business strategy and human resource strategy.
  • Check that all the facets of the organization are focused on the same set of goals and objectives.
  • There is continuous improvement in the organization.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of programs and policies.
  • Growth of job satisfaction.
  • Confinement of the employees.
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Effective Steps To Create A Strategic HR Plan

Effective Human Resource Planning has the following target outcomes:
  • Through strategic planning processes increase the profitability of an organization.
  • Customer service improvement.
  • Improve morale and motivation of the employee.
  • Providing opportunities for training and development.
  • Reducing the turnover rates.
  • High-quality standards should be maintained.
When you have the above outcomes in your mind, develop a strategic department with maintaining the following steps:
  • Defining goals.
  • Determined objectives.
  • Creating strategies.
  • Developing tactics.
  • Through implementation planning.
  • Monitoring performance.
  • And lastly, evaluate the performance.
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